David david?


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Wish I knew how to make gifs work

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He is old. He is 50. He is old.

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There was some real interest when he dropped his first proper single (My Name Is) and he seamlessly carried on the NWA, Snoop, sound, picking up that mantle a good few years on, always respected that.

I agree his first 2 albums are where his real art is. To make songs that raw just, well mainstream really, is some feat.

I remember an interview on Radio 1 years ago where Trevor Nelson was discussing the first time he / you / anyone heard Stan. Like that Dido sample, it sounded familiar immediately, this was before Dido had released anything if I remember correctly. Lot of depth to Stan and very cleverly executed. It’s a big song granted but feels a little like it got lost somewhere along the way.

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Maybe because peiple have a nasty habbit of commenting on celebrities apperances?

Like dotn het me wrong eminem is totally guilty of this

Just dont like how normalised it is

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Yeah that’ll be it

Well could be one of the reasons hes had plastic surgery

Oh has he? Didn’t know

Freaks my nut out slightly that he’s 50

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Wish this was a real game

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Coronation street fighter innit (credit jim)

Yeah I think the surprising thing is actually how massive he still is and how well he’s passed onto the next generation, despite the critics abandoning him completely.

He’s mostly crap. Managed to pick the most bland, dreary Dre beats towards the end of his peak as a producer. Like, the albums are so fucking dry and boring. And that’s before you get through all the shock rap and homophobic slurs. Barely any of his songs tie into any type of narrative. Internal rhymes for the sake of them. And don’t get me started on his own production work, absolutely dogshit.

The first two LPs are dirges. The Eminem show is the only vaguely listenable one, in parts, it’s a bit more fun and colourful. But yeah, it still has his voice on it. He’s technically a proficient rapper (though I think is massively overrated on being white — what Eminem was good at became the gold standard for what a ‘good rapper’ was, for reasons) but it rarely amounts to decent music.

The critics are right. He’s an embarrassing chapter of rap music best ignored.


there’s some good songs across his early albums but none of those records really stand up when taken as a whole any more, if they ever did.

stuff like rap god just sounds terrible to me, yngwie malmsteen rap



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