Emma the office worker

Do you think Emma will marry car crash guy?

She’d be called Emma mmm mmm mmm


She’ll marry Turtleneck Guy and they’ll solve all Britain’s problems

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Also reminded of this which has me in stitches every time


when I die, I want to be remembered through this video

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Poor Emma, breaktime was forever ago


Still one of the funniest things ever

I can’t imagine the back issues people will get from sitting in office chairs instead of being crouched over lifting heavy items down t’pit.


I like using the stand up desks at work so I can pretend to be a politician


why do they think people will look like this

why don’t they look like this already

Quite possible that we will have eliminated work in the next 20 years anyway

Or work will have eliminated us, right?

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Emma and Graham (the fella designed to survive a car crash) would make a lovely couple.

Oneeeeee twoooooooooo thweeeeeeeee

Office workers in “job already obsolete” revelation

I’m now going to engage Elliott

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Please for the love of all that is holy don’t Ann Widdecombe