Emo revival thread for the new boards


…as I don’t think there is one yet.

The new Sinai Vessel record is streaming and it’s flipping great.

My band Astral Planes just released a new single, I'm trying to get honest feedback/analysis/criticism

why does that article call it a ‘mundane statement’?


I think they’re calling the first part of the sentence a mundane statement rather than the record itself. i think this record has been rumbling since 2011 or something.


oh right ha, brain is not working correctly today… will give this a go


Anyone in the know about any new Healing Powers stuff on the way? Think someone on the old boards said they were mates with em?

Been far too long since this:


Been really enjoying this Slow Mass Audiotree session this week. Looks bloody baltic in that swimming pool!!


I’ve played with them a few times so might have been me, the drummer went on a placement somewhere (Belgium i think) and the other two are at uni. They did a split and a wee tour last year though so still about. BEST BAND


my band, obviously:


Yeah, they’re superb. Liked the split they did too. Really hoping for another EP or a full length this year.


fuck, these guys are cool

great idea for live sessions too, nicely shot


Don’t know these but seems to pass the “proper emo” test, very good stuff.


They’ve got a really good guitar sound going on. I’m really into that.


Not that new but I’m really enjoying Aaron West and the Roaring Twneties (the guy from The Wonder Years side project) album atm. They’re playing the TP Dome next week too.


waaaa this is great


not sure if it quite counts as emo or whatever but Carson Wells released a live record recently. it’s great and it made me listen to their record from last year a lot and i fucking looooo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ove that record:


I play football with their drummer. Yes


he is ridic. whole band is ridic. i saw them with pjaro last year and it was one of my gigs of the year for sure


yeah for sure one of the best live bands in uk


Bloody love Carson Wells! Didn’t realise they’d put something out this recently.


This thread is shaping up to be a gold mine for the uninitiated…

Loving Slow Mass and Carson Wells so far