Emo revival thread for the new boards


I like a bit of Jets to Brazil:

not a patch on Jawbreaker though


Dunno tbh, after Jawbreaker everyone else sounds kinda lame




London, Friday 15th December




Ooh, let me check!

Hmmm, I’ve got work xmas do and then was going to head to retrospectaular that night. Arse.

It’s only a support slot though I think? Do you know what Knuckle Puck are like?


i’ve already got my ticket - no idea about the other bands, will check some other time


Jawbreaker have been very quiet regarding plans for shows post reunion.

Hoping this points towards a UK show around Primavera time…


got to be really?


That truly is a horrible name.


I like how they handle it though

Dad Thighs‏ @dadthighs

People often ask us, where do you find the anguish for your songs? And we say we just imagine all the dudes getting so angry about our name
11:26 PM - 1 Oct 2017

and absollutely one of the best band related albums of the year for me.


So fucking cool they finally did this. Also, I couldn’t find a screamo thread so I posted here. Is there enough discussion here to warrant one?


Same thing, it’s a broad church.

Saw them live this summer which was pretty special


It really was. Just saw them last month with Majority Rule. CoC’s drummer SHREDS.


They were just sooooo good at Fluff Fest. They weren’t the best band that weekend but still blew my tiny mind.


Any and all screamo discussion is greatly endorsed by forum user @sarahispi in this thread.

So glad this has finally surfaced.


If we’re going screamo, I’m putting in Trachimbrod, their emo/screamo/post rock and this album is sung in Swedish (the last one was in English) but it’s still brilliant , a total head nodder/ air drummer and pretty firmly in my top 3 albums of the year.


knuckle puck have cancelled their tour so the gig is off and i’ve got my refund!


Yeah I just saw that on fb. That’s a shame. Hopefully they’ll come back soon, preferable for a headline show. I’m still gutted I missed the Wonder Years/TMP tour earlier this year.


This is great! And how do they manage to make twangy fender tones still sound unmistakably European even before the vocals begin? I’ve never been able to put my finger on it, but its as if the European brain approaches music from a slightly different angle. I can always hear it and am usually grateful for it.


Yeah there’s definitely a different kinda tonality in there, those little post rock elements, that bands like Suis la Lune have. It’s softer less bassy and bombastic but yup can’t properly put it in to words. There last album is brilliant too, it’s probably there most post rock track but loads of love for this.


Count Your Lucky Stars are having a pay what you want sale.

Loads of great emo stuff including Annabel, Football etc, Empire Empire etc etc