Emo revival thread for the new boards


oh you like your twiddly guitar parts? oh you like your emo? oh you like your female vocals in places in that emo?

fucking yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

(new Tiny Moving Parts tune is absolutely magical i can’t fucking believe how good this is srsly guys)

as i press post i’m halfway my second listen having been unable to contemplate doing something other than listen again immediately after the first listen


Best be a rad Hot Water Music cover when I click it…


New album announced as well!

Only started properly listening to them a couple of weeks ago when my mate recommends them to me. Been listening to Celebrate on repeat the last week or so.

Also really go into Free Throw’s Those Days Are Gone the last few months as well. Generally just listen to one of the Snowing / Free Throw / Empire Empire artist radio type things on Google Music


that video’s made me all emotional there


Also fairly obsessed with the videos that Dylan the singer/guitarist keeps on posting, love how happy he is.


Jumping in to this thread very late in the year but been listening to that Oso Oso album @NickDS posted way back in Feb, The Yunahon Mixtape, and it is superb. I basically decided my AOTY top 5 already but I reckon by Jan this will have crept in there, maybe even to the top.

Bandcamp here, also on Spotify etc. It’s really, really great.


This is bloody excellent


i know m9 i still haven’t got bored of it and i’ve heard it 15 times or more now!

there is absolutely no way the album can be that good all the way through, surely

…but if it is it will have to immediately be my favourite album of the year, the decade and possibly of all time


Went over to Big Scary Monsters to pre-order this immediately on the strength of that. I mean, it ticks a lot boxes for me for this genre of shizzle. Video is great too. I’ve got Celebrate by them, but never given it much of a listen - time to change that!


oh you’re gonna have a fucking great time

thanks to @NickDS posting about them in this very thread i got super into that album earlier this year

i’m excited for you :smiley:

they were meant to be supporting someone (literally no idea who it was) in london on friday after someone in (whoever the headliners were) had to go to rehab (i think) but that isn’t happening. hopefully they’ll come here for a headline tour next year <3




Just went to a screening of the Jawbreaker documentary at the Joiners in Southampton. Blake comes off as kind of a dick but would recommend if you like their music or seeing how petty punk fans can be. Some great old live footage from their heyday - Bivouac stuff in particular sounded ferocious.


Need to try and find this somewhere


Had this on repeat since you posted this. Every time I hear the first tapping lick at the 40 second mark, I have to stop myself from bursting with joy.


It’s definitely worth a watch - no big revelations or anything but a great overview of their story and some interesting / awkward footage of their first time in a room together since the breakup!

Hoping for a tour following the reunion shows this year but not holding my breath.


SHIT!! They said they’d be doing some A–>B shows around the Paramore tour and Glasgow is the last date so… :pray:


yeah when i first watched it, i saw all comments about how wicked that bit is before it happened…

absolute joy in its purest form when it kicked in :heart_eyes:


Alcopop have the fantastic Lightguides mini album on sale for £2 which I recommend for any fans of anthemic twiddly emo/harcore

There’s also the first Freeze the Atlantic album and not emo but still brilliant Crimea - Square Moon.


Could not agree with this more. LightGuides are the boys and this album is fantastic!



i think lightguides were the first emo recommendation of yours that i really liked :+1: