Emo revival thread for the new boards


new Tiny Moving Parts tune

not as good as Caution on first listen but still, massively hyped for the album


Bloody hell, that’s good.


That’s great. I think I might prefer it to caution actually, can’t wait for the album.


This is really good. TMP videos are always good value too. I only got into them via Celebrate in the last year or so but they’re such a good mix of twinkly and chunky, emo and fun.


I’ve realised Swordfish haven’t been mentioned in this thread - great debut record, definitely in my top 3 emo albums of last year


Liking the Jeremy Enigck album - quite a straight forward “mature” affair but heartfelt and moving…a welcome return


Ha, their videos are usually pretty good - although my girlfriend refers to them as ‘that band who wear awful clothes’.


really don’t get this band :frowning:




I think this lad can fit in here?


UK shows Wiggy!


might see them at the joiners on Sat 7th, went there and played there as a teenager so could do the gig, and stay at my parents place

and then do the london gig too on the 20th - a friday :smiley:


Yeah, I’ll try and get tickets for the London gig.

Although it’s on the 13th (but it’s still a Friday!)


oh yeah

this is on the 20th, got mixed up!



@captainricebox joiners or london for you?


Haha! I was looking at this earlier. We’re meant to be on our belated honeymoon in April, but need a solution for looking after our cat, if that happens to be to have her stay with Soph’s parents then it might mean being in Southampton at a fortuitous time. It might be a bit of a stretch though.


should probably post this in here too… Tangled Hair album finally on the way



came here to post this. They are 100% one of my faves so I am very happy about this news.


tickets on sale noooooow


i got 2, no idea who will take the other one currently

hopefully i won’t end up with it having no home like i did for the MMISL gig

also new tune here