Emo revival thread for the new boards


Ooh thanks, I’d forgotten! I got one for Camden!


just heard it cuz I’m a cheeky boy (it was v good)


the whole album? it is indeed very good




The new awakebutstillinbed album got a good review in P4K today and I must say so far it hasn’t disappointed

PWYW for the download too


new Tiny Moving Parts album COMES OUT TOMORROW

haven’t been this excited about a new album in years


still really love this album, thanks again for brining it to my attention mate. shame they’re such a tiny band, maybe one day they’ll get the deserved attention!

there is a video on YouTube now as well:


This is really really good isn’t it.


first listen: pretty meh
second listen: pretty meh
third listen: oh fuck this is amazing
fourth listen: oh fuck this is REALLY amazing (apart from 2/3 tracks which are a bit meh)

overall, VERY EXCITED for the gig


I’m prob only on about 5th listen but it’s ticking all the boxes so far.


Anyone heard of Single Mothers? They just popped up on my Spotify and are like a mix of early mewithoutYou and early Hold Steady.

The vocal melody and lyrics in these is straight up Craig Finn.


yeah, didn’t care much for their last one but negative qualities is a v good album

marbles and feel shame are both bangers


yeah, pretty much this. the last one was quite patchy, but did have a few decent tracks. Really enjoyed NQ.


new NickDS emo recommendations :heart:

will listen later :slight_smile:


have listened another 2/3 times all the way through

i think that actually it’s good all the way through but they’re one of those bands who will sometimes sound like the greatest things that’s ever happened and then sometimes just not quite do it. so overall, i’d rate it very very highly (possibly even higher than Celebrate)

this is true of a lot of bands who i absolutely love but haven’t released any albums i’d put in my all time top ten

some examples would be Sigur Ros, plus a lot of other emo stuff - it’s that emotional connection that can’t work at all random hours of the day


You wot m8s? Their new one is excellent! Well shreds and some decent melodic stuff on it too.



I want to like it, but something doesn’t quite click for me.


Escosemo revival


New Wonder Years!

I loved the last one which led me to check out their other ones and the Aaron West album so excited for this.


Wonder Years being solid Wonder Years