Emo revival thread for the new boards


New Gulfer track and record out sooon



I’m going in on the new Dashboard Confessional album :syringe:


Shout out to the Tiny Moving Parts album, Swell. It’s uhh… Pretty fucking swell, yeah?


Love it.


Okay, been a while since I dipped in here, but jesus @iamwiggy I love that Tiny Moving Parts album.


Captain We’re Sinking have split. Last year’s album was decent but ultimately didn’t hang around as much as I’d hoped given how much I loved The Future is Cancelled.


Seeing Free Throw and Dryjacket in Manchester tonight, should be a good un


more hardcore with some emo-moments I guess but AMERICAN NIGHTMARE COMING BACK TO UK/EU!!! :heart_eyes:


Not revival at all but the pitchfork 1998 list has reminded me how good How It Feels To Be Something On by Sunny Day Real Estate is. It’s brilliant.

I really like the Tiny Moving Parts album, back on topic


IT’S SO GOOD ISN’T IT. They’re touring with The Wonder Years in the US, what a package


The pair of them played with PUP over here last year but I couldn’t make it out from work in time to get to the gig early enough for TMP, was right annoyed.


Even more shamefully I was at that show super-early to interview PUP but didn’t bother watching TMP because I wasn’t yet wise to how bloody good they are. The excuse I’m leaning on is that KOKO is a terrible venue in which to see a band whose songs you don’t know, particularly when they’re supporting


new Tangled Hair live session


The new Camp Cope album is streaming on NPR. It’s angry, and sad, and good.



Wot it says in the headline:


That’s a shame, I really liked their latest album. Glad I’ll get to see them with the wonder years on the tour.


I love this band


Not sure this is the right thread but it’ll do…

man, been listening to Karate again lately and they were such a good band. From interesting, if fairly typical late 90’s emo to full on emo jazz by the end they really were superb. Feel like they are often overlooked when people talk about the greats from that period. Favourite album would probably be unsolved, but Pockets is close and i still spin the self titled a lot. Basically yea, they’re great if you haven’t heard them before so check 'em out if loungy emo is your thing. Such a nice sound. Even the live album is great!


Pockets is wonderful too, but Unsolved is my personal fave!


Not much mention of them in here, but I’ve been listening to the Free Throw album from last year recently and it’s absolutely full of bangers. Really fun twinkly/riffy emo with some surprisingly intense moments too. FFO Tiny Moving Parts, The Wonder Years, Dowsing


Through the singer/guitarist in Kamikaze Girls wearing one of their band tees, found out about Nervus and currently digging their latest single, which has fantastic riffage:

Also saw posters for Tiny Moving Parts at The Asylum during the TWIABP gig, which makes me sad because I’m now going to be in Portugal whilst they’re on tour over here :frowning_face: