Emo revival thread for the new boards


They were brilliant the other week in Manchester. Dryjacket were :ok_hand: as well.



only heard first track so far but it was fucking awesome


Swell is a very slightly frustrating album, it sits in the same category as In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

every track on Swell except Applause and Malfunction is 9/10 or 10/10

and on ITAOTS every time I listen I skip Oh Comely, Ghost and Untitled but all other tracks are 9/10 or 10/10

basically, both albums have more 9/10 or 10/10 tracks on them then any other albums I like but their weak tracks drags them out of my top 10 of all time

but fuck me they’re still both so amazing


This is peak trolling; great work.


Slow Mass album out on 11th May, reckon this could be a banger


hey buddy what ended up happening here, will you be at the joiners gig by any chance?


as I suspected, we’re flying out that day, so it’s a regrettable no, made even more so by the Sorority Noise doing their final shows for now while we’re away.


Not overly keen on this track just because it doesn’t touch anything from that mini album they had out (for me anyway). Maybe it’ll be a grower and I’m still really excited for that album!


Absolutely love this - kicks hard.


yeah it’s not got the same impact but it really picks up towards the end i think


happy tangled hair day


This really reminds me of something, something Kinsella-y maybe?


hmm. maybe one of Evan’s projects? they’re definitely less obviously-mathy than Colour were but I think it’s a pretty defined sound which is cool.


People I’m vaguely associated with put out an album that sounds like early Loma Prieta


Yeah, could be actually. I’m liking it, just getting one of those brain itches where it reminds me of something but can’t think what.


Been keeping an eye on these guys. This album is great!


only took them… like 7 years to release it


they are so damn good


That mini-LP was a real gem…due a revisit


Not sure whether to put this here on in the heavy music thread as they’re borderline between screamo and actual hardcore punk, but it looks like Majority Rule are coming back to Europe this summer. Playing Berlin on 27th July, which means it’s quite likely they’ll play Fluff. Woooo!