Emo revival thread for the new boards


My band Astral Planes (Midwest Emo) released a new single today, Let me know what you guys think! FFO: Weatherbox, Say Anything, & Dear and the Headlights


New Republic of Wolves album


Saw them recently here in the states. Hell of a show.



Holy fuck, there’s a new Slow Mass track and it’s fucking incredible. One of my top tracks of the year for sure. Jesus.


so fucking good this one



Aw hoe did it miss this today. Right on it tomorrow. How does it compare?


One listen in and I’m liking it. As the article says it’s a continuation of the sort of thing they were doing on No Closer to Heaven. It’s a good long article actually, kind of random to see it in the independent and to have the exclusive stream. I guess someone there is a fan.


…listened to it this week…- one of the tunes of the year and no mistake…


have listened to it at least 5 times today


Tiny Moving Parts @ the dome on Friday



My pal whose band are supporting got me cheap list for TMP on Wednesday, which is my Friday. Much excite.


nice one, hopefully you’ll have good things to say and the excites will go even higher :+1:


You guys might enjoy these guys, sound a bit like TWIABP and Sorority Noise:


Two listens in and it’s not hitting me like the last 3 yet, definitely going to put the hours in with it but some of the songs sound pretty laboured and weak (especially in the first half of the album).

Still massively excited to see them tonight though. If anyone needs a spare ticket, I have one, give me a shout


Apparently they were excellent in the joiners a few days ago


I’ve listened to it a few times and I’m liking it so far.

I’m going tonight too, I’ll be getting their early for Sorority Noise, give me a text if you wanna meet up.


Wish I’d got tickets for this. My 14 year nephew texted me earlier asking if I’d ever heard of them as he’s just discovered them.

I’m not sure what sharing music tastes with a 14 year old says about me.


i have a spare that currently does’t have a home!