Emo revival thread for the new boards


Thanks, but I’ve got plans now, which I could get out of them if I really wanted. But if my nephew had mentioned them earlier I might have got tickets.


I was never a fan of Old Gray or Sorority Noise but FFS


Really good emotive hardcore from a really good bunch o’ lads


Shit. Really got into “An Autobiography” the last few months as well. Not really sure what to do in these sort of situations if I’m honest. Never really listened to Brand New so that didn’t affect me really so the closest thing I can think of is the whole Ian Watkins / lostprophets stuff and I haven’t listened to any of that even though I loved it in my teens…


@OceanStorm might be after one…


cheers! i’ve sent him a txt :slight_smile:


how good was it?

so good i cried and i cried early - during the second song

then there was a moment a few songs later where he was hammering his way through a particularly chunky set of twiddly guitar parts and me + @NickDS looked at each other like “m8 srsly…” and then i started laughing cos i didn’t know how else to react

i remember @plasticniki admitted that she cried when we saw the hotelier and i laughed at the ludicrous tekkers on display the first time i saw Bodyhound

but i would never have expected both of those things to happen to me at the same gig

one of the greatest of all time :heart:


Basically all of this. Was fantastic and a joy to watch.


Another Slow Mass BEAUT. This is record is shaping up to be golden.


In Manchester Dylan came into the crowd during the beginning of Birdhouse and ended up literally being next to me! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bhm1WBLA2TZ

Really enjoyed Orchards as well, massive Tubleord / Colour / Tangled Hair vibes.


Lemuria’s last record is up for free d/l for a few more hours so movemovemove!


Um…so there’s no punk thread, but can I mention Hysterese here? German punk rock band, great dual vocals going on, absolutely cracking songs.


Only 2 tracks in and I think I like it more than their debit. :open_mouth:


is anyone digging the new Wonder Years album? Can’t see it covered here or anywhere else on the boards… It’s good like


Yeah really liking it.



that was fucking great


i’ve watched this so many times

also - from last year but i found it this week as it’s on the same label


The drummer’s a pal of mine and I’ve met the rest of them. All good people with great tunes.


Yeah, Alexei from Johnny Foreigner is one of their guitarists. Listened to their last single quite a bit.