Emo revival thread for the new boards


New Slow Mass. Sludge.




Their EP came out today.


Really fond of this one from back in Jan -

old school emo vibe with the 2 longer tracks adding a proper solid post-rock element in there.


this one too for a bit of emo/math rock


my bad with the reply button there - generic post.


Quite liking this! Ever since the sun made an appearance I’ve just been listening to Space Corolla on repeat basically - lotsa hooks!


who else is going to this?


You guys might like this…Frail Body. They’re a little bit of emo, a little bit of screamo.

FFO of Healing Powers (and, for some reason, the intro to the first track on this EP reminded me a bit of an old Deep Elm band called The White Octave, but they don’t really sound like them at all).


New Jimmy Eat World single is the best thing they’ve done since “Chase This Light”. Worth a punt


odd, because the last albums was the best one they’d done since Futures at least.


anyone fancy this?


NickDS mentioned this in the new album threads and it’s good stuff. The drummer from Touche Amore doing pop punky emo, playing everything himself. Has done stuff under other his other monicker Dad Punchers as well.


Any year where there’s new Carson Wells is a good year.


@NickDS are you going to this? you may have said on facebook but i can’t remember



Not got tickets yet but I might do. You going?


yeah i’ve got a ticket already, keep meaning to listen to the other bands properly


Likely to be the last year tho :frowning:️ They’ve announced their last gigs for the foreseeable on Facebook


Goddamn fucking love this band. Stumbled across them totally by accident at a show with Pjaro and they blew me away. Love love LOVE them