Emo revival thread for the new boards




I know it’s not new, but I urge everyone to go download all of Your Neighbour The Liar’s stuff, it’s all free on their bandcamp. Sadly defunct now but they’ve become one of my all time favourite bands.



If you like Rites of Spring style emo check out my mate’s band it’s gr8 m9s


This is the best Slow Mass IMO


Been enjoying this a lot recently


Might as well plug my own band, we’re good I promise


Ooh long time no see, how you keepin


Band name/song title hopefully not related?


Sup dog! Just keeping it real, really. As ever. You alright?


We didn’t really think of the combo much until it was released. He was a crap dad tbh.




sound as man, good, record and tour imminent!


is this emo enough? its fucking brilliant anyway so i dont care


City of Caterpillar are touring Europe this summer. Don’t know if there will be any UK dates but they’re playing Fluff Fest so that’s me set.


SO good




ha thought of you as soon as I read that, glad to see you’d already responded :slight_smile:


So so so much love for city of caterpillar. Their split with pg.99 is killer.


Also if we’re including skramz chat, I’m so into the Elle (ex-Beau Naivre, Loma Prieta, Yearbooks etc) ep

Unsurprisingly great considering all parties involved.


Well that didn’t work …