Emo revival thread for the new boards


Sad but they’ve never been very active :frowning:


this was a cracking gig, itoldyouiwouldeatyou were as good as i hoped (very very good) and nervus were just an absolute joy

conjurer were fucking HEAVY mate, was a slightly odd choice having them on the bill but i did like it

also loved that between bands the DJs were playing britney and other super poppy stuff


I really wanted to go to that but I couldn’t make it! Nervus should be bigger than they are and I love Conjurer as well.


we all going to this then


just got a ticket to this, anyone else on it? or is anyone going to part 1 in October?

i am mainly going cos i wanna see Holding Patterns (3 of the guys from Crash of Rhinos, if you don’t know them then get out of this thread and go listen to both their albums IMMEDIATELY)


Small Pond presents PART II of ENJOY Sugoi, a new experimental rock festival in London.

tricot (JP)
Natalie Evans - Full Band (UK)
Holding Patterns (UK)
Yama Warashi (JP)
itoldyouiwouldeatyou (UK)
more TBA

See Tickets - goo.gl/nTJDju
DICE - https://link.dice.fm/enjoysugoi-tricot-scala

Dual tickets for Part I + Part II:



yeah i wanna see Holding Patterns as well so will probably get tickets for this


really like this latest awakebutstillinbed album (what a fucking awful name though). Reminds me of Rainer Maria (not as good though!) from the first time round but with a bit more grit. Real nice.




New Cursive album


first song sounds… alright. i quite like parts of it but am really not sure about that ‘money, money’ refrain… i think they basically haven’t made a very good album since Ugly Organ tbh

still, got Domestica on now and it’s amazing how they made two 10/10 albums in a row (with a 10/10 in between). what a run.


The Ugly Organ is absolutely their pinnacle for me - nowhere else to go (realistically) except down.


I really liked Happy Hollow.

Bet all the Iraq-era societal angst sounds positively quaint now though.


it’s got some good stuff on it, but even at the time, when I was a fucking huge fan, i remember i was almost forcing myself to like it more than i actually did. this is the best song from that era and it didn’t even make the album:


Oh, wondered why they’d recently been spamming Facebook messages despite hardly ever touching their page! Love a bit of Cursive, I do.


Yeah I agree with that, Kasher’s been hit and miss for a while, I think the last essential record he’s made was Album of the Year. All the other stuff has been fine but forgettable tbh.

What’s the 10/10 in between? (I assume the others are Domestica and Ugly Organ).

I’ve just put Such Blinding Stars for Staving Eyes on. Despite having them for years I’ve never given the first two albums loads of attention but revisiting it this is great.


Me too! They’ve been running through songs from each album and I wondered what was up.


yeah i agree - i absolutely love Tim, meeting/interviewing him and Ted once was one of my life highlights, and I will always check out his work, but his solo stuff has always left me feeling a bit flat, and yeah Album Of The Year was definitely the last great Good Life record.

Burst & Bloom is 10/10 for me as well - perfect introduction of Gretta (bring back Gretta!)

there’s so much good stuff pre-Domestica - i remember downloading as many sample mp3s (in 96kbps ha) off the old Saddle Creek website when i was a teenager and this song blew my mind




Still the best gig I’ve ever been to was Cursive on the Ugly Organ tour, with Gretta. It was at the Cathouse (@Lo-Pan) and there were about 12 people there, ffs.


just found this whilst trying to work out when I saw them first

and then remembered I actually saw them for the first time supporting Forward, Russia. bizarre lineup, that.