Emo revival thread for the new boards


Of course Burst and Bloom! Such a great ep, The Great Decay might have been the first Cursive song I was into.

I assume you know Notes from the Bedroom Floor… on the Eastern youth split for a great cello riff. So good.

Yeah I remember having bad mp3s of After the Movies and When Summers Over Will you Dream of Spring and loving them.


I played cello when I was teenager

Might’ve kept it up if Cursive w/ cello had been a thing then.


you’ve just reminded me that Grammatics did a cover of Notes In His Pocket (where they change ‘the Underwood’ to ‘the Brudenell’) but there’s no evidence of it online anymore :frowning:

EDIT: oh wait it’s tacked on to the end of the album on spotify for some reason!


Burst and Bloom is a great little record. Mothership and Fairytales Tell Tales are probably my favourites from it but tbh they’re all great tracks.

As well as Bedroom Floor, I loved May Flowers from the Eastern Youth split (despite the really dark lyrics).

Possibly worth a thread on its own but why did split singles/EPs die out a bit? Did Bandcamp kill them off?


I saw them supporting Forward Russia in Oxford. good stuff that was.


me too! Oxford Brookes uni right? i remember driving down there from woking for it


This certainly does a bit more of the harsh sounding stuff that I’ve missed from their last few attempts, i think.


Was going to say “I was there”, but there we both are, discussing the gig.

I saw them after that at this free outdoor festival in Austin during SXSW, completely out of nowhere they just played The Ugly Organ in full. It was excellent.


I thought it was upstairs at the old Zodiac. Though the only time i went to Brookes was to see Mogwai, although I might be wrong there.


you’re correct - i’m getting bright eyes/cursive shows mixed up. i must’ve gone to the southampton cursive/FR show.


oh man, cursive were so great. Kind of lost track of them but used to love storms of early summer and burst and bloom in particular. Tried to revisit some of the later stuff a year or so ago and didn’t really click with it.

I remember seeing them with The Appleseed Cast, Stapleton & the Wow at the star & garter. what a line up! Cursive were 2nd on and 3rd best band behind the appleseed cast & the wow.


Never heard that, they always had a bit of Kasher influence.


absolutely. in the top 3 bands ever to use a cello (the third being Rachel’s)


Have I posted about how great this record is? I saw them again at Fluff after not having seen them since I lived in Madrid and it’s made me love it more.


Oooh liking this - got a very decent bliss/intensity quotient!


Suis La Lune broke up and I am very sad. :frowning:


does this go in here? mewithoutYou sounding absolutely great again


OOOH! been wondering when they’d be back; pretty damn pleased with this track, especially once it gets going


New saves the day single. I actually only bothered listening to saves the day albums a couple of years ago and quite enjoyed their last one, it was a fun indie pop record.

This, well they’ve carried on the pop thing. Gave it a listen and my girlfriend said ‘what are you listening to, it sounds like some boy band.’ And it’s kind of hard to disagree.


Liking this, tbh I absolutely loved ten stories and pale horses (which bit have a fair bit of shouting and heaviness after ten stories) and it sounds like a continuation of that. Can’t believe it’s three years since pale horse seemed like they were working on this ages ago. Wonder if revisiting A->B Life for the tour has influenced this album.