Emo revival thread for the new boards


Yeah the last one was very listenable, if sappy in places. I’m going to reserve judgement oon this for now.


The ep is online now too.


anyone at the BSM all dayer tomorrow then?


Think this would be a good fit here, new album by Alien Boy out today on Tiny Engines

On Spotify etc too.


Tiny Moving Parts played in Manila, look how much joy is in this picture :blush:


more melodic hardcore, but close enough:


Hey…just going through this entire thread…Hysterese are absolutely incredible!!


I’ve just worked my way through this entire thread and picked up some incredible music, especially Tiny Moving Parts.
Looks like there’s an Oct UK tour coming up.

What a picture that is!


as you’ve probably seen, @NickDS and myself saw them in April and it was SO GOOD and we are also going to the London date in Oct :+1:


I’m going to go to the Glasgow show.


Mom Jeans / Just Friends / Don’t Worry touring in January


@iamwiggy :grin:



i love him so much


Some cool people from Texas I met a few years back just dropped a new track.


Their release from a year or two ago was brutal af.


Yup, good people, good tunes.


My 14 year old nephew has asked me to take him to another gig, Remo Drive at the Borderline, which i’ve agreed to do.

Just been listening to “Greatest Hits” on his recommendation. I’m really enjoying this. Any fans?

I think my cool uncle points will be going up.


yeah, they’re great. I wasn’t aware they were playing over here though and typically I’m busy that night. Hope they’re as fun live as I’d expect them to be.


This is pretty good - it’s got a fair bit of intensity so I’m pleased!


New band ft. members of other good stuff. Promising.