Emo revival thread for the new boards


great lofi ramshackle shouty emo.


I’m looking forward to it. Our tickets are 40 and 41. So it doesn’t sound like they’ve sold many tickets yet.



gonna cry again probably :+1:


Happy Tiny Moving Parts days!

I’ve been listening to Knuckle Puck this week and think they’ll be good too!

Just checking out Movements now and they also sound decent.


I went to see these with the nephew last night. He totally loved it and I was a big fan too.

Really, really liked this song.


no uptake on the new releases thread, those hard-hearted bastards


saw them do Animals in full on Wednesday and it was fantastic… not sure i’m really into this version though


Nice one, really digging this


I like it as a novelty thing to incite nostalgia and remind me to relisten to TTNG and that whole era of spangly emo. Might listen to that Tubelord acoustic one too…


Partly drawn in by the terrible name and tour date in Bristol, I’ve checked out Mom Jeans - I like them a lot


When my spotify discover throws up a good emo track I stick it in a playlist and it’s something I’ve been listening to lots recently.
There’s loads of great stuff in there. Mainly the twiddly/melodic end of emo but a few other bits in there.

Special mentions for: Perspective, a Lovely Hand to Hold (a bit like a less heavy Tiny Moving Parts), Warm Thoughts, Awakebutstillinbed (both mentioned up thread, I’ve been enjoying there albums recently), Chinese Football (similar to their American namesakes) and Posture and the Grizzly (who have some TWIABP connection).


Going to see Tiny Moving Parts tonight in Glasgow.
I fully expect to be the oldest person in the place by about 20 years.

Got my Rival Schools t-shirt ready for 100% emo-ness.


Enjoy, they we’re great in London on Friday.

I was also surprised to see how popular Knuckle Puck (and TMP tbf) were with the younger crowd (not they’re not good, just didn’t know how well known they are over here) they loved it. The merch table was rammed with kids getting stuff.


My nephew told me about these yesterday. So I reckon we’ll be seeing them when they come over.

I’m a bit worried he’s going to end up on DiS at some point.


absolutely loved the Warm Thoughts track when I listened through this for the first time, and having now checked out the full album it is brilliant

this being the track on Nick’s playlist, the first track from the album


Yeah, that happened to me as well. It’s such a great track I picked up the album and it’s really good.

While I remember, I was talking about the Wonder Years on Friday (great night btw, the hangover not so much!) and I’ve done an intro playlist:


nice one :+1:

i wasn’t too hungover on saturday or on friday after the TTT gig

felt fucking terrible yesterday tho!


Are there any good books or resources for hearing the 90s emo stuff? Not really sure what albums to start with


Listen to:
American Football - American Football (1st album, 2nd is named the same as is their EP confusingly)
The Promise Ring - Nothing Feels Good
Cap’n Jazz - Analphabetapolothology

Yes I like Kinsella bands and related projects.:slight_smile: