Emo revival thread for the new boards


The album is one of my favourites of the year. Hitting me with some real autumnal feels.


first track from Holding Patterns, who are 3/5 of Crash of Rhinos :heart:

i really like it


Enjoying this from October


and this


I got called out for wearing my Rival Schools top to a Fugazi gig…I hadn’t really thought about them signing to a major which I am guessing was the reason… I heard the guy (quite a serious young man) say as I walked off “I like Rival Schools”…which can’t have helped the guy’s mood

A few years later I got complimented on my Fugazi bootleg t-shirt when on holiday in Boston MA, only for him to turn around after a few paces and say “hey man…fugazi don’t do merch”…cue embarrased mumbled, apoloconfession - but it was a cool T…I wear it indoors these days


:frowning: RIP. Not sure if he was in the group when I saw them but utterly sad news.


New track from Mineral. Wow.


Dear Tiergarten,

Thanks for making my day in a major way.




Wasn’t quite sure where to put this but this article written by Alexi from JoFo/Yr Poetry is a fantastic read about diy punk scenes and love of music. And while they might not be directly emo (although I think there’s a big crossover in their core sentiment) the Japanese bands they talk about def fit in this thread and are also on Spotify to check out.



Has anyone seen Jonah Matranga on his current tour? He’s playing Water And Solutions with a full band - really tempted to go to his Southampton show tonight as have a real soft spot for that album but think it might be more of a ‘time and place’ thing.


Saw him play it in full at 2000 Trees this year. Was both wonderful and cheesy at the same time. Go! :smiley: Man Overboard live is a banger.


I had a very lovely time seeing him at Fluff Fest a couple of years back. He even did a Fugazi song



Both recommended sad records of the year



if you ignore some of it then some of it is a really good line up.


The nephew sent me this. We went last year (his third gig) and he wants to go again.

I’m also taking him to Brighton to see Mom Jeans, as the London date had sold out.

I need to say no to some gigs, but I do actually enjoy it.


Count your Lucky Stars having a pay what you want/free sale on bandcamp.

Stuff like Empire! Empire!, Joie de Vivre, Dowsing, Annabel, Hightide Hotel, Football etc, Mountains for Clouds, Cotopaxi are all good.


Weird mix of excellent stuff and utter dross. Tempting.


An ATD just managed to score us tickets to Miss The Stars fest in Berlin next year! Such a good line-up!