Emo revival thread for the new boards


La Dispute fit in here, don’t they?


Sport are breaking up but at least they’re playing Fluff Fest one last time.


Hey I saw Kaddish at the weekend there and they are still the best thx 4 yr time




Kaddish are incredible.


feelin pretty blessed


Don’t think I’ve seen them since 2013. Hope they cross the border soon!


I don’t know if they strictly fit under “emo revival” but I this year I have absolutely fallen in love with Spanish Love Songs and I don’t think I’ve seen them mentioned on here.

They’re an LA band who undeniably sound like the intersection of Greatest Generation-era Wonder Years and The Menzingers but the songs on their most recent album, Schmaltz are undeniable. They’re out on tour supportin Ducking Punches right now but I can see them rapidly outgrowing that status. Saw them on Saturday night and going to see them tomorrow too. Very special band.


Lord Snow should be party!


Lucky man. Last time i saw them was with Raein in Manc which feels like years ago. They were great obviously. Good to hear they still have it!

Never got into the second LP as much as the first though. Didn’t click with me.


I am excited for basically all that line-up except cry wank


Yea, its really solid. i also saw that name and did wonder…:roll_eyes:


Posted with ‘III’ so I assume new album coming





Thank you. This is very much my shit. Very Menzingers, very Captain We’re Sinking, a bit of Sorority Noise. Good stiff.


You are so welcome. My new favourite band. So good live, too.


Didn’t really bother with the second album but this sounds great - super atmospheric


Wasn’t mad about the lyrics on the second one at times, but overall its an 8 or 9 /10 album for me, i’d really recommend giving it a go.


All Big Scary Monsters stuff is pay what you want up to January 2nd.


Found this due to the 2018 BSM Sampler a few weeks ago.