Emo revival thread for the new boards


You know what? I think it very well could have been. He said he’d been away for 3 weeks with them, and Belgium being mentioned is ringing a bell. Poor Gregory :cringe: Hopefully I’ll get to meet them again, less drunk and be able to impress him by remembering his name :grin:


or this:

(new Holding Patterns is great btw)


makes me laugh every time i look at the track listening and that’s track 2

RE Holding Patterns, currently on track 4 with 1 being an intro and 2 + 4 being tracks i’d already heard

track 3 was fucking great - that bit at the end with different vocal lines :heart_eyes:

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That’s the fella. We saw them in Antwerp last year and as far as I can tell they basically did the gig as a favour to Greg so they could drop him home at the end of the tour. GBOL.

There were about 10 people in the audience and the ‘bar’ was just cash & carry multipacks of canned lager. Punk AF.


Aww, that’s really sweet, and yeah, definitely punk AF too.


or this:

a Little Explorer/Jesus Years/Crash of Rhinos best of would be sublime :-:heart_eyes: Funnily enough i think Crash are my least favourite on record (but are still ace obviously)

Holding Patterns sounds worthy after one listen also!


Oooh, really like this! :smiley:

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Only like a handful of Screamo bands, but these guys are there. They blend vocal styles and have a lot of melody in there too, riyl - suis la lune, trachimbrod.

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Wow. Not heard these before. Very Nice!

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Really nice. Like this a lot. Reminds me of the old days gigging round the UK discovering great bands.


Had my record in the post yesterday. This is a pretty special album. I absolutely loved Knots but some of the stuff they’ve written as Holding Patterns is just perfect.


Ah! Didn’t realise they’d recorded another album after that first one! Gotta check that out. I have an ep that doesn’t appear to be on their bandcamp either? Twas very good.


I was listening to Club Night after I read some good reviews. Anyone aware of them?

Quite Cap’n Jazzy. Interesting. I’m not sure I like them yet as the singer’s voice is an acquired taste.

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Not heard of those. Got a link???



That’s a link to their album on Spotify. It’s really growing on me, actually.

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Annual ‘Goodness is one of the greatest albums ever written’ post.

Honestly it just gets me every time. Sun.

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When’s the new one comin’?

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Really enjoyed this record. I found it had elements of ‘The world is a beautiful place…’ too


We need more words from him don’t we? Are they all still together? I thought that maybe some of them had split. I hope the drummer is still part of the band, he does an awful lot in holding those songs together.

Seriously though, Soft Animal alone make sure it an all time classic but once you get into that record’s rhythm, the whole thing becomes essential.

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Just added this to my library to spin next week :+1: