Emo revival thread for the new boards


Would be 10 years since I last went mmmmm yes plz


According to my sources, they’re just playing the mainland (Paris, Berlin, Fluff fest)


This is ace!


We have a video now:


I hope he picked up that can (this is great man!)


The sink pissing has caused legit beeves :joy:


favourites from 2016

and math rock/emo but


that ttng album is my favourite album of last year probably, and definitely their best. even though I saw them twice last year it’s annoying that they haven’t done an actual tour.


yeah, such good tight instrumentation - up there with e and wreckmeister as one of my favourite guitar band albums from last year certainly.


Lovely Japanese post-hardcore


New Healing Powers track streaming (!)


I posted this in the free bandcamp thread but prob get more attention here. Lovely melodic emo/indie rock.

New album:

First album:

Good write up on GFP:


New Sorority Noise album streaming here:


gave this a listen earlier (on Spotify). Quite enjoyed it. Am listening again now.


its not new but I recently got heavily into Christie Front Drive and Anthology in particularly…would love a Mineral style re-issue session…with the split 7 inch they did too…and a tour would be cool…not going to happen is it…


Full list of dates, hoping I can swing a few a shows en route to Fluff.



Holy shit! Weird that there’s no uk date mind but fuck it BERLIN!


They don’t have the time, apparently.


New Sorority Noise owns.


new Football etc.