Emo revival thread for the new boards

tickets on sale friday, who’s gonna go to the London date?

still can’t believe that we haven’t had a DiS crowd as big as the crowd for hotelier @ the borderline at one of their shows

Love this album from last year. 55 Deltic. Lovely slow core emo to enjoy a beer with at sunset.

I guess if you’re into Duster then you’d probably dig this.

Would probably go to Birmingham if I’m around for it. Save my London trip monies for Deafheaven/Touché Amoré the week after.

TA are going to be playing “…To The Beat of A Dead Horse” in full on this tour, so it’s high priority for me even though I don’t like Deafheaven.

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Today is a Yunahon Mixtape kinda day.

Anyone else a fan? Wish Oso Oso would release something new.

You’re in luck, new album out in August, first song here:

@NickDS @Avery @Gnometorious etc. anyone up for the london date? i’m defo going, tix on sale tomorrow :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The new album by Fresh, Withdraw is fucking brilliant and I think it just about fits here. It’s basically what I was hoping the second Muncie Girls album would be, but even better.

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I think someone else on here has already mentioned it. But Holding Patterns album is one of my favourite albums of the year so far.

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Started listening to this…loved it but then got dragged away at work. Need to find time to sit with it again

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I am giving this a (digital) spin now. I didn’t think post-2004 emo was this good, any more recs?

the album before is even better, for one

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:smiley: here you go

Song 1: Mourn by itoldyouiwouldeatyou

Song 2: Beached Community by I Feel Fine

Album 1: Home, Like No Place Is There by The Hotelier

start here, as a first-song-on-the-album it’s about as good you can get (the entire album is as good as this tho)

Album 2: Swell by Tiny Moving Parts

start here (track 4, but again do listen to the entire album if you like it and then listen to the album before)


People from Football etc doing a post hardcore/kinda screamo thing, mastered by yer man Joe C from Plaids

Indian Summer influence on these…one of the best UK emo bands…

this is just a bangin’ split; all bands are great

new Gender Roles - album PRANG out August 30th :smiley:

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Came in to post this :smiley: It’s really good.

Coming out on sncl also - one of the best emo labels this country has seen

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didn’t know where to put this but on 1/2 Dec, Thursday are doing Full Collapse and War All The TIme in full in London

Get in!

Any idea where/when tickets are please?