Emo revival thread for the new boards

Listened to the yunahon mixtape a lot last year. Thanks for reminding! The ‘big wave’ build up in this is really great. Ought to engage with this thread more ha.

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New Tiny Moving Parts album out in September on Hopeless.



Wow, such a young band on their 5th album already! Brilliant.

i couldn’t believe they were releasing a full album already but yeah, 10 tracks the names are here

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Stopped listening to TMP after it turned out one of them was a rapist, tbh.

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Been listening to both the last few days. Really like yunohan mixtape.

Booked tickets for the Boston Music Room this morning.

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New Appleseed Cast album out today



looking forward to hearing it. Great band who surprisingly have remained interesting


Been really enjoying Microwave, this in particular - https://microwavetheband.bandcamp.com/track/vomit

Do want to see em in Sept but the Tiny Moving Parts assault explanation seemed a little…rubbish so probably won’t be going.

Right up my street, thanks!!

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I think we’ve got a spare ticket to Foxing at The Dome next Wednesday, if anyone missed out? Think it was about £17

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These are both very tangentially related to ‘the emo revival’ but both Nervus and The Menzingers announced new albums today and I don’t know where else to put it so here it goes

i would definitely say they belong in here

ever listened to the acoustic demos of tunes on On The Impossible Past? released as On The Possible Past which is a pretty good name tbf

imo they’re all average to shit (whereas OTIP is superb all the way through) apart from this one which i really like

I never connected with the Menzingers until After The Party, but I like the older albums more every time I listen. Will give this a spin tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve never clicked with anything other than OTIP but that is a superb record. First two tracks are incredible

Big fan of the Menzingers, their last record was their best IMO so looking forward to any new stuff.

Ditto. They’ve recorded the new album with Will Yip, who also made After The Party. He’s got an incredible track record of bringing the best out of bands and the step up from Rented World to After The Party was huge, I’m really excited for the new one.

if anyone doesn’t know anything by them, this (track 1 from On The Impossible Past) is the only start point imo. when it kicks in is just :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

gotta follow it up with this tho (track 2 from the same album)

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See also Casey :slight_smile:

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