Emo revival thread for the new boards

Cursive released two new songs recently

new Tiny Moving Parts album isn’t doing anything for me

not enough punch, not enough twiddly

This, basically. Although I am finding it’s growing on me but Swell was SO good, this feels like a very deliberate attempt to be less ‘weird’. Seeing them on Monday, will be interesting to see how the new stuff sounds live

they were great last night, and having listened a couple more times I am now warming to the new record

on another note i have also warmed to the Holding Patterns record having been a bit unsure after a few listens when it came out - thought it didn’t flow too well

think this might be my fav from the new record, it’s a fairly slow one tho so don’t listen expecting an explosion of guitar tekkers

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Yeah when this came out I really, really hated it but it’s slowly grown into a fave. Looking forward to seeing it tonight.

Still not sure how I feel about Dylan’s insistence on cramming phrases like “travelling vertebrae” into hooks but if nothing else beats what most of their new labelmates are doing

Perscpective, A Lovely Hand to Hold (most emo band name since Empire! Empire!?) released a new alum on Friday. FFOs of twiddly melodic emo


Why do these bands try so hard to put me off with their names


New Menzingers tomorrow (tonight), lads!

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Really liking this. It’s pretty eccentric. Emo with blastbeats should happen more often!

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Nice :heart:

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It’s been mentioned above, but that Microwave album is STUNNING.


The singer of Prawn, with help from members of Prawn, has released an album (but it’s not Prawn).

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re Overo - the album is pressed now and copies are being shipped over to me, so hopefully it’ll be available a bit sooner over here.


Envy and Svalbard are playing the UK in December

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Absolute bolt out of the blue isn’t it? I mean, i liked Microwave, in a casual, couple-of-songs-off-each-album kinda way but this new one is fucking spectacular


Never heard of them until the Riot Act podcast started talking about them, so I checked them out, glad I did. It’s not a ‘happy’ album (side B in particular) but it’s full of rage, emotion and savagery that works really well and I keep wanting to listen to it over and over. The last minute or Mirrors, those riffs - bloody hell.

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This is a total tangent but I really wish Riot Act was shorter. Steve and I worked for Metal Hammer together, he’s a great host (if a bit of a grumpy fucker) and I think he and Remfry have great chemistry but like fuck do I have 2 1/2 hours a week to schlep through everything they cover. Still listen to That’s Not Metal as one of the hosts is a good mate of mine but in its current incarnation it’s taken a distinct turn in the direction Actually, That Is Metal :grinning:

Has anyone listened to the tangentially emo band Somos?

I only heard about them after a Pitchfork review of an album they released early after their guitarist sadly died but the album itself is a banger:

:smiley: The TV thinks they ramble on too much on certain albums. I actually don’t mind it, I mostly listen to it at work or when I’m playing a game. Definitely great chemistry between Remfry and Stephen - the 1st Birthday party episode is amazing, where they have the guests and the fella from Hang the Bastard/Urne on to talk about his favourite party track, absolutely hilarious.

Ah, I ditched That’s Not Metal after Stephen left. Is it still good?