Emo revival thread for the new boards

Oh god wtf have they done

They used to be great; that split with for your health was cool and now…well, that’s just shit,

Kinda glad they changed their name so theres a line in the sand :slight_smile:

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Yeah I loved 2020, think ‘Sure’ from that is one of the few songs I have heard recently where i had to replay it as soon as I heard it

This is just sad, is deathcore and Job For A Cowboy rip offs even still an ongoing thing?

6131 Records have released all of Renee Heartfelt’s stuff, difficult to describe them, huge-sounding emotive punk rock, heavy in places, very brooding and just wonderful really.

hey, this ain’t bad!

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i dunno, not something i have ever been into to be honest. Job for a cowboy are just awful if you ask me :slight_smile: Seems to be a genre which keeps plugging away with no redeeming features.

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Camp Trash seem to be getting a fair bit of hype this year. Enjoying their new song:


Yeah, I’m enjoying them. There another track here Camp Trash releasing debut EP ‘Downtiming’ on CYLS (stream a track)

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Also been enjoying that Camp Trash track - lots to look forward to on CYLS this year.

Also this which came out a couple of days ago


Cross posting. Their first album is one of my favourite recent 'mo records.

The Camp Trash EP is out now

Bobby really reminds me of Reindeer Games by Oso Oso

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