Emo revival thread for the new boards

Was never a huge fan but this is really good. Looking forward to the album now.

New Tiger’s Saw album is out - not seen any chat about it - but its pretty good and more of the same after Charmer and Spin - a pleasant and melodic listen

I’m enjoying the new Nervous Dater album, the first ones really good as well.


I’ve just got the new Tigers Jaw. Like you say it’s more of the same but still very enjoyable.

enjoyed that after the tunes actually started

what previous releases of theirs are best?

Hard to say personally, not much between them but probably What’s Past Is Prologue > Those Days Are Gone > Bear My Mind.

They’re the band that properly got me back into emo after not really paying attention for a good few years. The two songs they put out last year are up there as some of my favourites.

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New track from Burial Waves, featuring members of Pianos Become The Teeth, Black Clouds, Caverns etc.