Emo revival thread for the new boards

Shin Guard are back now

Was it all a big joke!? Probably won’t be arsed listening to them again just because…i’m petty i guess!

I dont think so, Hazing Over still are a thing but Shin Guard are supporting Alesana in America.

Maybe a one off or they’re two separate entities?

Two separate entities i reckon by the sounds of it. Fair enough i guess

Very on-brand for Spanish Love Songs to drop a new* song, with zero fanfare, on a Wednesday

  • Recorded during the Brave Faces, Everyone sessions but very obvious why it wasn’t on the record (not bad, just got a very different vibe as well as a chorus lyric that Dylan repurposed to much greater effect as a single line in another song)

Was really sad to hear of this. Have got a couple of 7s and the coma regalia split and they are a very pleasant band. KInda slowcore/90s/classic’mo sound.

The donation thing has passed unfortunately but they are worth some monies on bandcamp…

probs the wrong thread but Hundred Reasons are doing a tour with Hell is for Heroes


Oh. My. God.

Glasgow Barrowlands!!!

I was excited until I saw that the London date is Brixton academy

I hate that place :sob:

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Thought the same for the Southampton Guildhall date.

I’ll still go!

They should get ‘A’ to open.

I’m all seriousness, HIFH are a band who deserved more - and last time they did this kind of tour I thought they blew Hundred Reasons off the stage.

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I saw HifH playing Neon Handshake a few years ago and A were the support!


They should get Cable on board again, and do this every 10 years forevermore