Emo revival thread for the new boards

I waa a bit annoyed cause I did want to see them but it was the second night of Outbreak and Santa had had a couple that weekend!

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Stage 4 by Touche is amazing. The julien baker bit on Skyscraper always kills me.


Can’t believe someone hasn’t heard Stage Four before, one of my actual favourite albums ever

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Couldn’t handle Stage 4 when it came out as my parents were being arseholes around the time it came out. Loved Is Survived By, though, so hopefully I’ll handle it sometime.

Big fan of Pale Horses by MWY. Only saw them live twice and they had dreadful sound both times, which was obviously a big let down. First couple of times I saw LD they were fantastic live, particularly when they were on early afternoon in the Radio 1 tent at Reading 2014ish. They were dull as anything in 2018 though and made me miss most of Borns, which was gutting.

Their heavy ep is great

Some unreal MWY slander on here. That untitled LP/EP release was absolutely fantastic.


can only see praise myself

The Untitled album/ep set is what properly got me into them.

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Can’t remember if i mentioned it at the time so reposting from the discogs thread. This is a great record


Word. There are times when I wonder how much I really like post hardcore as a genre, then I stick on Stage Four or Lament and it feels like I couldn’t live without it.

Also, TA’s EP covering The Strokes and GBV is proper lovely – it straight-up rips in a way the originals can’t:


Bolm’s features on covers on TMTM are good too

and bonus Circa covering Touche

This is really great! And spot on with the Van Pelt comparison

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this… I like. But the vocals are letting it down a bit for me. Otherwise it’s sound


Anyone posted about Stress Fractures in here?

The singer of them sure wishes he was in Modern Baseball

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wrong thread m8