Emoji day - what's in your 'favourites' on this here site?

Great thread.

It’s just these fuckers yeah?

crylaugh at number 1… Pretty sure that makes you a fascist by the Guardian’s reckoning.

It’s almost always ironic, and spoilered. But I’m also ok to be a Guardian nazi.

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i don’t seem to have any


Doesn’t show any favourites on mobile :frowning:

I don’t even have a star.


Someone has just applied for a (fairly senior) job at my work using emojis in their supporting statement. :thinking:


do you work at twitter

I wish. They will not be getting an interview.

My most used on iOS are:


The hell are you using shell that often for?


Cycling terminology. “Got shelled” = spat / dropped


Where do I find my favourites?

the old frown face they got rid of was shit as a frown but quite good for expressing other discontent or ennui. i miss it.

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All the angry/upset ones. This says more about me than words could possibly express.

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I’m right here :kissing_closed_eyes:


GUI is for n00bs