Emoji Movie 💩 🎬




Who else is excited about the Emoji Movie next year :grinning:? I’m not sure I can wait till August :scream:, I may explode :boom: from excitement :astonished: !!!

LOVE :ok_hand::two_hearts: the trailer, especially the way they’ve filmed it in portrait :smirk: so it looks good watching it on my phone and don’t have to tilt it and drop it. :unamused:

What’s your favourite emoji :eggplant:? Mine is the one with the face that looks like it’s not sure about what it saw! :grimacing:



I have a poop emoji pillow and I will not apologise for it.


:octopus: :egg:


these ones are all good


:meat_on_bone: :spades: :skull_crossbones:


:b: :o: :l: :l: :o: :c: :k: :S:


ohh ffs


Classic diamond spade skull


Invisible tray
Painting nails

I have no idea how I should interpret that.




:b: :o: :vertical_traffic_light: :vertical_traffic_light: :o: :fork_and_knife:


Enjoying the thread URL


I’ve never used an emoji, thought they were a fad at first and now I feel I have left it too long and it needs to be a special occasion.


the first ones kind of a shrug or a hairflip or ‘what am i like?’ (it’s called ‘information desk lady’ or something)


:sweat_smile: <-That’s my favourite


It is clearly none of those

Mine appears to be a Emirates air hostess taking up mime.


I was looking what’s at the cinema now and there’s a Monster Trucks movie starring Danny Glover. 125m budget


:hotdog: :arrow_up: :frog: :us: