Emojis that you interpret and use in a specific way

:stuck_out_tongue: means I am absolutely SEETHING. Like, if I use a :stuck_out_tongue: in a message it means I’m at max capacity of passive aggression. I interpret all messages using this emoji in this vein and can’t see past it - I think it is partly why I built up resentment with my ex best friend (a tiny reason among a massive list but we definitely used it in different ways and he was very passive aggressive anyway so it kind of exacerbated that)

:crazy_face: means I’m in a zany mood

:wink: Can be safety wink on here (or passive aggression with someone in a private message) but when i read it from anyone else in any other context I interpret it as someone being really sleazy, cock in hand. Unfortunately one of the more senior people in my work team (who is religious and a total wife guy) uses it on basically every message…

:upside_down_face: either very dismayed and trying to detach from level of dismay (‘what can you do’ kinda vibe), or flirting in an aloof way. it’s the equivalent of throwing down a flirt and disowning it immediately. doesn’t mean that I don’t want to flirt, often the opposite, but it probably means I’m not sure if the other person reciprocates or I’m slightly uncomfortable in some capacity while I’m hitting on someone

:relieved: works better on WhatsApp, but this is usually used to finish off a message that is pure filth, implying that I’m totally chilled about said filth

:kissing_heart: means I’m either flirting in a cheeky way or cosplaying as a hun x

:hear_no_evil: is WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON

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:cry: feel sorry for me msg

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:toilet: - this football match is not good

:church: - yes, I very much agree


I think it needs to be its own emoji asap but until that day comes to pass, my most used emoji is the custom chef’s kiss



:cowboy_hat_face: - used to imply someone is a cowboy as in inept, rather than cowboy as in herding and rearing cattle in the old west

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There’s been a whole load of these on Twitter recently.

This is my favourite


:call_me_hand: often as cool, more often as sarcastic cool

I think I am the youngest remaining person in our realm to not have incorporated advanced emoji usage into my day-to-day messaging and WhatsApping

It never occurs to me to pop one in


:upside_down_face: I used to use this with my mother, to mean smiling but not really, thinking that she would interpret it in her own way. Then she started using it, I think to mean the same thing? Maybe she has a different meaning for it, but I don’t know if I want to ask.

:alien: Means I am weird and can’t go out tonight.

:teddy_bear: Means a hug

total opposite for me :alien:

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I associate it with feeling alienated. The “weird” part is just that I can’t really explain how I feel to people–I guess kind of an ND thing.

But I mean…
You have to type ‘tongue’ to get them!!!

Anyway, I will endeavour to be very careful about using emojis in replies to you on here!

I do find it interesting how much they can be reinterpreted. I wonder if the inventors expected that at all and were hoping for it.

Intrigued by the huge range of winky guy’s use. When you say

or passive aggression with someone in a private message

does the other party know that or are you wildly signalling that your response is actually passive aggressive even though you know they might not get that?

I use :face_with_monocle: all the time like

“Might have a curry tonight :face_with_monocle:

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:bat: on here is me needing immediate hugs or empathy, dont seem to use it outside of dis but going to start doing

:open_hands::revolving_hearts::open_hands: is a non creepy hug but only for people i love a lot

:face_in_clouds: adhd meltdown usually

Really going to expand my emoji horizon this year though, so many babes left unused, but i don’t know if its an nd thing or not bur i struggle with their meaning at times - I’d really like a proper guide to what they’re meant to mean. Like the upside down smile to me is bad but do some people use it for good? If i get sent ones like that i spend way too long worrying about how to interpret them

(Remember all those new terrible new sex ones :rhinoceros:)


My 14yo says that emojis are not cool and refuses to ever use them. Apparently in year 10 they are considered ‘sad’ and ‘for old people’


Fuckin ace! I knew I was cool!


I :heart: :cry: :older_woman: :people_holding_hands:

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Definitely feel like this has no real defined meaning, but I see it as in the same group as :poop:, implying bad things but with a sense of not letting it consume you on some level.

I would use :upside_down_face: if I was making a blackly comic reference, for example.

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Then boy do i have the website for you!

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So when I say private message I’m not talking about DiS as if I wanna get super passive aggressive I’ll just do it in public :smiley: but I mean like Facebook messenger or WhatsApp which are my main messaging platforms. A pass agg winky face would be clear from the context but it would be masked with a facade of ‘just kidding!’ - there’s certainly more levity than when I crack out the :stuck_out_tongue: . No levity there at all.

Obviously if someone uses a :wink: in a sexual way that’s fine (if I reciprocate). It’s just when it is randomly deployed that it seems sleazy!

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