EMO's band that are not really EMO LDN meat? (Aug 3rd)



Free show in Dalston, playing with some mates.

If you’re around, you should come have some wine?


fyi @plasticniki @aboynamedgoo




Can’t open the Facebook link, but if I decipher the poster correctly, you are playing on Thursday 3 August at Birthdays.

My diary is free for that evening.


it is Birthdays, yes. :slight_smile:


any chance you could make this a week earlier then I might be able to come? might.


as great an offer as that maybe is, I’m not sure I can reorganise the venue and 3 other band’s schedules successfully.


ok. perhaps you can pull some strings and make dis football a week later and I might be able to come to that?


Last time I tried that I received a message from @aboynamedgoo that simply said ‘It doesn’t work like that’


Can’t believe you’re inviting all these melts.


It doesn’t work like that.

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Could probably make this actually.


Great bunch o lads, come on!

Need the #numbers


And how much is this free gig?


Would be great to see you!

And anyone from that last little impromptu @andyvine meat! And others that would just generally be great to meet. I’ll be on first so I can get proper shitfaced after as well.

@jazzballet @nickds @Jeremys_Iron @badmanreturns @meowington @ericthefourth @ruffers and lots more!


Those are the worst ones! smh


First Pietro and now Chekhov’s Gun! Will certainly try and make this chief.


oh and @Owensmaterob