Empathetic badge




I was going to abandon this but the discourse guy won’t let me. I was going say, empathetic, more like pathetic but I realised that I don’t really mean it.


You want to be batting with a 3:1 Liked for Likes ratio. Otherwise…bit needy


Basically a list of the best dissers


I’m on there, which goes to show what they know really.


Bit harsh on @_Em


Looking forward to my ‘psychosomatic, empathetic, INSANE’ badge


why?.. oh I see


marckee lives and dies by something like this


I’m sure she’s got some lovely badges.


Your likes:posts ratio is 0.39.





We don’t all play to the crowds mate
"Oooh, you’re cat is so cute!"
“I like your new hair”
"hope you feel better hun"
like, like, like, like, like


Which limit did I hit first, 500 recieved or 1000 given?


I see now


3.4k received, 39 given



Always keep mine just a little over double likes to liked ratio, to anchor my unsteady confidence.


is there apathetic badge?


I’ve generally kept to a 1:1 ratio like a good little communist


If I agree with someone’s post, I’ll say so, in a reply. Much more personal, and definitely can’t be mistaken for a passive-aggressive way of finishing a debate.