Empathetic badge

trying to decipher if this is passive-aggressive or not


this is actually good work from marckee here

going above and beyond to provide a better dis experience.

I agree.

I can’t be arsed for that

Absolutely nowhere near, but ok with these stats.

You’re doing well Mr. Steve.

Monkeys and typewriters, if you have enough posts 3.4 thousand of them are bound to be liked (safetywink as I know you have a strong posts to likes ratio)

I got this for £2 yesterday


@marckee’s likes for liked ratio - still funny.

Really frustrates me that I can’t rename it to the less babyish sounding empathic

How does one get the coveted “Met Both Plastics” badge? I have met both Plastics.

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I like to like a post AND reply.

You have to apply to @plasticniki personally. She was meant to give them all out but failed.

Alright, Hall & Oates


Don’t think I’ve ever checked this - but look at the 1:1 ness

:weary: can’t find these stats on mobile

here you go fella

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Thanks Timtim! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I’m a bit thrifty it seems

I would like your post but that would cancel out the like you just gave me and you will be back where you started

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