They persuaded me to put my account on hold for 3 months. I check in every so often to see if things are improving. They’re clearly not.

I have an annual subscription which renews in February. Can’t even tell if they’ll still be going by then, but it might be best to stop my membership then. Will hopefully manage to use up my downloads each month, but who knows.

I pay monthly and when I went to cancel my account was offered a free tenner and a suggestion I put account on hold (which I did for 3 months). Will reassess whether it’s worth continuing then.

Noticed quite a bit of mid-period Low has appeared recently - no good for me as I’ve already got it all - but perhaps a limited cause for optimism as good newb(/old) stuff is arriving.

I was also persuaded to put my account on hold but at the moment I doubt I’ll be reactivating it. Can’t say I’ve missed it these last couple of months, it was getting quite a pain to find anything worth using my credits on!

This is a bit of a shame, really - used to rate emusic highly but there’s just nothing on there, is there?

The label I work for pulled its entire back catalogue (approx. 300 releases) from eMusic last week, as they haven’t fulfilled payment or reporting obligations to our distributor for a long time.

Seems like the distributors of other small labels are doing the same as well, so can’t see the amount of music eMusic has to offer improving any time soon.

If they’re not paying labels/distributors then they are clearly not long for this world.


facebook memories reminded me that in 2008/09 i got shitloads of stuff for a good price from them


(on the assumption that they’re essentially dead even if technically still going)