En suites

I used to think en suites were the height of sophistication, but I’m having second thoughts (this has the rhythm of a one-liner, but it isn’t. Sorry).

The house we’re hoping to buy has one bedroom with an en suite, however, it’s not the biggest bedroom, so we’re debating whether it should be our bedroom or our eldest should have it, and it will also be a guest room if people come to stay.

The reality is, it’s probably for the best that I’m not using the loo practically in the bedroom. I tend to go to bed after Mrs HYG so I’d be turning on the light / flushing the loo in close proximity, And that’s before you get to the smell issue (mine, not hers). The more I think about it, the less glamorous they seem.

So en suites:

  • Have one, like it
  • Have one, don’t like it
  • Don’t have one, would like it
  • Don’t have one, wouldn’t like it

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Don’t have one, Don’t really know :man_shrugging:


I think that a separate shower room/loo is much more practical than an en-suite.

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Maybe close the door during/after use?

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Has covid taught us nothing about aerosol diffusion


Our bedroom is in the loft, and is massive so we’ve been tempted to look into putting an en suite in. Also because we only have one toilet in the house which can be a pain when we have guests.

Think it will remain a pipe dream because of the cost and that there will always be a bigger priority for spending that sort of money in the house, but it would definitely be an improvement

Depends, if already have a downstairs toilet then dont really see the need for a 2nd one upstairs. But probably useful if you dont.

As someone who types a large quantity of housing surveyors’ reports, I can say that en-suites are really annoying because bathrooms take a while to schedule in a survey (because of all the detail and plumbing and so on) and so they add more work typing-wise.

Marckee is correct.

Excellent plumbing gag

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my mum has one but the hot water hasn’t worked in about 30 years. bear that in mind. honestly don’t know how it doesn’t make your bedroom damp

That’s what the fan in the ensuite is for.

Not fussed, but the main cludgie is directly across from my bedroom and adjacent to Dr Mrs Epimer’s bedroom so it’s almost like a shared en suite, I suppose.

Never going to live in a single toilet house again if I can possibly help it, the second one has been a genuine life upgrade. Although I did once view a flat here that had three toilets, just for me. Would have loved that.

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There’s no downstairs loo in the house, but there’s a separate bathroom. It will definitely be useful to have two loos, just increasingly thinking that when I’m coming to bed and Mrs HYG is already asleep it makes sense to do my ablutions down the hall.

my nana had one and me and my sister were amazed by it, used to sneak in and gawp at it. think it had a bidet too
bear that in mind

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Don’t have one, might like it?

Got an en-suite, it’s fine and better than having one fewer bathroom, but I would prefer having a second bathroom that wasn’t attached to the bedroom. Sounds and smells from a shower/toilet not really welcome that close to the bed.

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I had an en suite in a flat years ago and I never used it - the proper bathroom was directly outside our bedroom door anyway and was bigger and nicer so just used that :man_shrugging:

I think the advantage is probably when you’ve got kids, isn’t it? So you can have a separate bathroom from them that’s less of a mess? Or housemates I guess

It’s just me and my partner here and I never think “the 3 metre walk from the bed to the bathroom is just too long” or “I wish I could hear and smell my partner using the toilet at night better”


Dont shit near where you sleep, i always say.