En suites

Might build an en suite like this one in the hotel I (used to?) use for business travel

The acoustics alone


good in a bigger/busier house. i live in a small house where the bathroom is right over there so don’t really need one i suppose. had one in halls which was handy though.

also it’s just an extra bathroom to have to clean

I stayed in a hotel in Hungary which had a window between the bathroom and the sleeping area, I think it was meant to be sexy but it wasn’t sexy.


We keep thinking of getting an ensuite but the effort just seems a bit much since our bedroom is at the opposite side of the house to were all the bathroom pipes are.


No thanks I’m En Suite enough


I couldn’t even remember what it was called after i managed to find it

used to live in a house that had 3 bedrooms with en suites

then a toilet on ground floor, full bathroom on top floor

was really great having 5 toilets in a house of 7/8 people (plus partners)

En suite is excellent for night wees, avoiding children and when you have people staying over. No poos is a good en suite policy imo.


You’re not the boss of my bum


All absolutely spot on.

If you have children, having a bathroom they don’t use is brilliant.

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Is anyone truly the boss of their bum?

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ever seen a house irl with one of those en suites that links two bedrooms

like in american films


We have one - main bathroom is on the floor below. Fuck having to go downstairs for a night wee.

SOMEONE thinks they’re too good too piss out the bedroom window

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They’re called Jack and Jill bathrooms.

My brother had one in his halls of residence at university.

Had an En suite in a few houses and it really feels like a massive step down not having one any more.
Just not having to shamble around the house at night to get to the toilet is great.
It’s so much better if sharing.

My ideal would be a separate upstairs toilet, a separate downstairs toilet, and a separate bathroom.

I don’t really like relaxing in a bath right next to a toilet.

Two toilets are great, but any more than that just means more cleaning and anything to reduce the amount of time in my life spent cleaning a toilet the better.

I could possibly go for a free-standing bath in a massive bedroom though.

So, no, not fussed about en-suites. Anyone remember when we used to say “I used think inside toilets were the height of sophistication, but I’m having second thoughts”?

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do what my grandad did and build a walk in shower in his bedroom directly into a built in wooden wardrobe, complete with a ‘false’ wooden exterior.

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