End of Feb/all of March UK politics thread

wouldn’t even have such a big boner for Labour but why is nobody else talking about wealth redistribution? It’s not like it’s some genius strategy that has come about due to a once in a lifetime pioneer or something. Pretty basic that rich people should give more to poor people and stop being fucking twats


As many, many others have noted though, it’s not necessarily just about her presence there - it was also about the photo and the way it was staged.

I mean, charities have been aware of this kind of thing for at least a decade, and have deliberately avoided the kind of imagery put across in this instance.

Yeah but this is DiS so I was duty-bound to point out that there’s a healthy dose of misogyny thrown into the mix there for good measure.

I simply cannot move on from the spirits gadget being the first image in my mind when this word is used. I’ll have a G&T please. Then a Rum & coke. Then a Drambuie & Lime. :cocktail::tropical_drink::tumbler_glass:

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Yup like col said.

George Michael ruined the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony.


Sorry mate… I’ve only got Fosters… checks fridge… Red, White and bottles of Becks.

Another t-shirt!


Even a stopped clock…

I think that CR probably thought that so long as they did this as well then the other films were okay.

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*Red, White and bottles Brexit

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would be great if it was made compulsory for everyone to disclose their salary, like it has to be on your drivers licence or passport or something

To be fair he had a lot of help.

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lower salary is in a nice green colour but if it’s high it gets red for DANGER

well I still stand by my views that people should feel a little ashamed if they’re earning over 40k and this is probably healthy

They do it in Norway and Switzerland if I IIRC correctly.


well you should feel a little shame if you drop litter or cut in line and I wouldn’t excuse the game for causing these either :slight_smile:

at the moment the expectation is that you would feel ashamed to be earning less money. Then you’re doubly punished

Here we go.

just a little shame and embarassment for being richer than some folks though? pleeeease?