End of Feb/all of March UK politics thread

This is glorious


can someone start a whip round for me so I can afford just some of the hallucinogenics these people are guzzling? insane.


Laying to one side all we might think of Dominic Grieve for a moment…

this is quite a watershed moment isn’t it? I mean, will it not set a precedent for former UKIPers joining the Tories and tearing them down from the inside for not being card carrying Brexiteers?

very dangerous stuff indeed - the Trumpification of the Conservatives, given the likelihood of Boris, Raab, Fox etc at the helm in the coming weeks/months/years is surely something none of us here want to see




we live in a polarised world my man, it’s not good (as we’ve seen) if the left-centre/centre-right/conservative-right pander to the far right to win the polls to carry them over the line. It’s even less good if the hard-right/far right lays its cuckoo eggs within the established Conservative-right.

Popular enough to win an election or not the Conservative party will still remain a considerable org with an enormous amount of power & influence, not least in the media. If Grieve’s deselection here becomes part of a wider pattern then the hijacking of that influence, power, money and ‘historical legitimacy’ by the hard right would be a catastrophe …and if the UK does exit the EU in some form UKIP will need somewhere to go


I’ve no grievance against him

I know it’s a pun but

not a great record

I do, fuck him.

thinking of him and the few tories like him* as any less dangerous than the ERG lot that he currently apparently despises is dangerous imho.

*apart from possssssibly ken clarke but only on account of the fact that he’s very old and his damage is already done.

He can get to fuck like the rest of them


This assumes that the membership of the Conservative party hasn’t been filled with cruel, racist people for years already.

If ex-UKIPers are joining the party, they’re returning home, if anything.


Exactly this. The whole problem of UKIP from the Tory perspective was that single issue racists in the Party were leaving in such numbers that the Tories could lose vulnerable seats. Brexit and everything else (such as unaddressed rampant Islamophobia) is a Tory strategy to shore up their support.


I’d be really interested in what this would actually look like. It doesn’t sound a million miles away from the civic nationalism of the SNP and Plaid Cymru (and maybe at a stretch, post-GFA Sinn Féin).

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All the money in the world becomes worthless compared to a garlic press gifted to you for not being Jeremy Corbyn


Yeah fair, very different beasts

Absolutely all of this

…and I am! Haha

not at all, of course it has

but this looks like a new tactic - Bannon’s fash boys on maneuvers

hope I’m wrong and it’s just a one-off but if you think the Trump Republican Party isn’t an order of magnitude worse than the Bush Republican Party then I don’t know what to say.

If Brexit does rip the Tories apart there’ll be plenty of vultures and opportunists, they’ll try it with Labour too most probably


This poll’s real. Ignore all the others


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