End of Supporter Option

Hi All

Discourse have decided to end the supporter elements they set up for us as a trial, which lasted much longer than anticipated as it was working well.

They’ve offered us a few months hosting for free whilst I figure out how we can pay their monthly fees.

More news soon.


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As I understand it, overnight all Stripe payments have ended. Not sure if you received comms from Discourse about this?

What a weird decision from Discourse to make, you’d think this would be a great feature to help keep boards on their platforms running and sustainable. Sounds like it was not communicated particularly well either.


No comms on my end. Haven’t received any comms from them on any of my payments, other than when my card was cancelled.

I’m happy to set up a Paypal payment instead if that helps. When my credit card expired earlier in the year I never did get round to setting up a new payment.

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I’ll set up something new around Feb pay day if we decide to stay with Discord beyond May when our grace period ends. Will depend what the charge will be but previously it was $600 a month (which isn’t helped by dollar to pound exchange rate)

Have they automatically stopped taking the payments, or will we have to cancel them ourselves?



Pondering alternatives in this thread