End of the F***ing World

It’s brilliant. Best original British comedy in years and years. The female lead in particular’s incredible.

Tories can hate or glibly dismiss it below…

Fucking great innit. Watched it a while ago so can barely remember what happens now because my memory is terrible.

I thought it took a few episodes to get into because the two lead characters annoyed me at first, really enjoyed it when it picked up.

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I enjoyed this.

Is it actually any good? I can’t get passed the trailer that they’ve played for the last three months. ‘I’m pretty sure I’m a psychopath’ alright mate stop going on about it.

won’t watch it based on the ridiculous name tbh


Yeah it’s really good, they’re only 20 minute long episodes too so easy to watch in a couple of hours.

It’s great. Really easily digestible, some great performances, funny and moving and a little heart-breaking.

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Six episodes in and really enjoying it!

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I like it. My favourite thing about it is how the brilliant choice of locations give it this weird timeless Anglo-American vibe.


it’s great - soundtrack is fantastic as well

This is a great point.

probably the best thing graham coxon’s done tbh

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I like it when they change their look and look like anyone who’s got into drugs at uni


yeah his stuff is good, but the other tracks are good too - keep meaning to dig in and explore the artists. I assume he was involved in picking the tracks

Oh I thought he’d just picked the tracks

hmmm maybe - I thought there were some with him singing on too

maybe I got that wrong

Easy way to find out, did it sound like a shit version of Pavement? :wink:

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saucer of milk for @sadpunk

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She’s 25 and he’s 22 irl.

Dunno why i found that so surprising.

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