End of the Road 2019


Line up seems to be incoming. Get predicting:

Thursday - Stereolab

Death Cab
The Beths
Sleater Kinney
David Byrne
J Mascis (solo)
Built to Spill

  • A load of wafty stuff I wont watch

(I’ll be honest, that list is very of a type isn’t it, and less prediction, more hope)

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Beak> have self confirmed. Would be surprised if Sharon Van Etten doesn’t play.

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Have they now? Nice.


Line up announced this time next week.


Very excited for this after last year. Got a feeling that IDLES will feature again in a prominent slot on the Woods Stage.


Dunno, they are already doing Isle of Wight, and APE, and reckon they are nailed on for a hefty Glastonbury slot.

Other thought is Twilight Sad. They could be one from top somewhere this year.

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Think Green Man have also dropped some pretty heavy hints that Idles are playing as well.

I’m also expecting/hoping for Sharon Van Etten. Undercard I’m expecting Faye Webster and Kikagaku Moyo, just from stuff posted on Simon’s Insta and retweets from TLOBF’s Five Day Forecast.

Whatever happens, I know it’ll be great and I can’t wait.


Line up is being announced on the 31st

Sleater-Kinney and Sharon Van Etten are the only ones I’m guessing


Dunno if it’s just wishful thinking but I’ve got my fingers crossed for Lift to Experience.

There was a Facebook page last week with a picture of Josh and some comment along the lines of ‘Who are you hoping for this year?’ and he seemed happy there last year, getting involved with the secret stage etc. And if you play Green Man, you’re obliged to play EOTR within three years and vice versa, right?

Sticking to that line of thinking, I’m going Ryan Adams, Conor Oberst (maybe as/plus Better Oblivion Community Centre, in which case we can get Phoebe Bridgers as well, who I don’t believe has played, despite being a perfect EOTR artist. Fuck it, get boygenius as well).

Would love to see Mogwai or Mono.

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Are Stereolab rumoured / confirmed? That might be enough for me.


My wishlist:

Kikagaku Moyo
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
The Wedding Present
Altin Gün
The Goon Sax
Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids
The Lay Llamas
Hailu Mergia
The Chills
Say Sue Me
Melody’s Echo Chamber
Crack Cloud
Tropical Fuck Storm
Shugo Tokumaru

Probably won’t get any of them :frowning:


Neither, but totally on brand.

Idles to Green Man makes sense too: they love last year’s EOTR line up.

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Sadly still think there is zero chance they will ever book Radams again. Much as I would like them to.


Wish list:

Joni Mitchell


What happened last time?


What happened? I thought we’d never see The Big Fat White Band again after the tipi incident in 2016 but they came back last year.


Story goes something like:

First year of EotR, had barely sold a ticket, added DRA super late, he was unsure whether to do it, didn’t want to be associated with a failure, but did, that led to some decent ticket sales, he showed up, refused to play unless they found him a band to drum for, and insisted on playing all of Slayer’s Reign In Blood over the PA before coming on. For first year organisers, this was apparently a tiny bit stressful, as you can imagine.

Not sure I have that totally right, but was along those lines.

Strangely I saw him a few times that year and he swerved wildly between total pro, fantastic shows and utter shambles jamming for hours not playing any songs properly type affairs. No idea which they got.

Anyway, I always think both him and EotR have changed immeasurably, so would be nice for them to make up (In a way he saved the fest, sort of).




Same with Low after the guitar flinging incident.

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Much as I love low and seen them many times since, they definitely shouldn’t have been allowed back