End of the Road 2019

Just got the email from EOTR that suggests the writers of that Clashfinder might know something about the Big Top schedule being different to last year. Mentions about Daniel Avery being a late night DJ after Sleaford Mods headline set.

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Saw this on Facebook, taken from the latest issue of Loud and Quiet

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Feel like I’m not going to be spending Saturday night with my friends thanks to Daniel Avery

That big top line up looks steallr

It does, but being stuck in that tent all day is hard work. Also a bit concerned that Moses Boyd is going to clash with either Kikagaku Moyo or Courtney Barnett, which’ll be a shame.

Is the Day 1 version of that available anywhere? Wanting to know if they do a similar thing with having Kelly Lee Owens followed by Joy Orbison late in the Big Top. Hope so!

Go out for ale breaks

I assume it will be in th magazine (which is free). That picture wasn’t taken by me. When I get my issue I’ll post in here

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Sounds like they’re close to a sell out. Have to say I wondered if they were gonna struggle this year.

Festivals always get a boost from good Glastonbury’s I think.

Think the deposit scheme means they always get a boost around now as well with people like me finally getting around to paying it off.

cheers for the heads up, will harass my lot

Kero Kero Bonito and Black Midi clashing :grimacing:

Anyone know what Wire are like as a live act these days?

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Sold out, feels like it sold out sooner than usual


Beirut has had to cancel European tour including EOTR due to illness.

Ooof, that’s a big hit to the lineup

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Do you reckon they will try and replace or just do a shuffle around / bump C.Barnett?

Bump up C Barnett I reckon