End Of The Road 2023

I was lucky enough to witness a performance of Karma Police by who I was told was Bez’s son

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Oh yeah end up in the bubbly bath tub with inflatables and bad singing its a veru different vibe to the rest of the site other than perhaps during silent discos

Yeah think I didn’t realise this, hence it being a me thing.

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Last year’s karaoke claim to fame was seeing Kevin Morby bribe the compere to let him skip the queue, and then murdering Last Nite


He skipped ahead of my wife doing Edith Piaf and she was furious

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Actually that was a different night. He skipped ahead of me doing Lady in Red and i was furious


10th or 11th EOTR for me. Personally, it wasn’t the bumper year musically that I’d hoped for. I guess I should have done more research on the artists I didn’t know and I also missed a few things. But those I did stay around for and hadn’t seen before were great. Particularly Big Brave, Divide and Dissolve and Infinity Knives & Brian Ennals.
It’s still a great festival to hang out at with friends you haven’t seen for ages.

How does the tameness/lack of edge at EOTR compare with GM in that respect, in your opinion? I’ve never done GM but a few of my friends who did it after doing EOTR a few times said they found it even more polite and middle class, which tbh did suprise me a bit.

Also, was “working as a waitress in a cocktail bar” just singing that same line over and over again to the whole song? I’ve got a vague memory of that, wondered if I was so drunk that I imagined it.

It’s the definitive version imo

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I have literally done this at karaoke on multiple occasions. It turns out there are more lines in the actual song - who knew?

Also @BobRickerton - I’m coming round to the idea that it was basically just a “me” thing, but the crowd seemed a lot more “shushy/no sudden movements please, I’m watching dance music” than I remember Green Man being. OTOH it’s been literally 6 years since I went there (JFC), and I’ve probably changed in that time, and I’m sure GM has.

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what a load of bullshit

I once ironed a shirt (???) to go to an ATP. I didn’t wear it and it came back stinking of cigarette smoke, so that learned me.

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EOTR has always felt slightly rowdier than Green Man to me, as far as mosh pits and late night activity etc. is concerned. Not a huge amount more, but it’s one of the reasons I prefer EOTR.

With that said, this year did feel tamer. Definitely fewer 19 - 24 year olds off their heads on ket. Maybe it’s a line up thing. Maybe a post COVID adjustment in festival demographics.

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I had a really really great time.

Last year I was quite ill, a bit festival fatigued and saw some stuff I thought was pretty shit, so was a bit worried I had fallen out of love with the festival. Not the case! I was really disappointed with the headliners, and there was a lot of stuff that seemed interesting on the undercard, but nothing I was reeeaally keen to see besides 1 or 2. Testament to how great the festival is that it might’ve ended up being one of my favourite times there.

:+1: Deerhoof, Fat Dog, Yeule, John Francis Flynn, caroline, BIG|BRAVE, Moin, Kara Jackson, Jessica Winter - all really really fantastic.
:+1: Sound was exceptional this year? Might just be because I’ve been to some terrible day things in London recently but thought everything sounded pretty perfect on every stage except maybe Woods?
:+1: Free MUBI tote bag
:+1: Food and drinks selection was great. Glad they moved away from Two Tribes.
:+1: caroline covering Low
:+1: Angel Olsen covering Harry Nilsson
:+1: Ezra Furman covering Patti Smith
:+1: It makes me feel really emotional whenever someone on stage earnestly says how much they love EOTR.

:-1: The secret sets weren’t very exciting this year imo. Piano stage was really hyped up by Line of Best Fit and something seemed to happen on the Sunday which meant they got cancelled?
:-1: Wasps
:-1: It’s weird to me that their merch always does exceptionally well, but they often sell out of things by Friday morning… could they not make more? There’s clearly a demand!
:-1: Was bad when their wifi went down and nobody could sell any food or drinks for a bit.
:-1: I want to go on the marble racing thing but all the children keep hogging it and won’t let me have a go!!!
:-1: I’m not going to pretend I enjoy silent discos anymore.

Fucking wasps man


People know me as the wasp charmer after many years of going to feativals with a was infestation and not being phased by them at all. At blue dot last year i had lile 3 or 4 wasps just climbing my body as i stood there non plussed cider in one hand spliff in the other whilst everyone else flapped their hands about

Theyre perfectly chill if ur chill


Ezra cancelled her Sunday show apparently

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The amount of wasps when I last went are part of why I haven’t been back.

(The other part is that it is very far from the North East.)

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