End Of The Road 2023

shame. My credit card ready to go.

There’s rumours emerging from other forums that Pavement are playing Bluedot so I guess unlikely for this and Green Man.

Most recent time I’ve seen them I think (after seeing them a lot of times between 2006-2010), it was excellent.

Yo La Tengo that weekend too :heart: Maybe they’ll get them back as well given the new album?

Would love to see The Army headline :heart_eyes:

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Dunno. Headlined the Thursday a few years back. Would be weird for them to do it again but also they’re not big enough to be a main weekend headliner.

Could do the Garden Stage or sub Woods maybe.

Did GM a couple of years ago (but definitely felt like a headliner backed out and they were bumped up rather than a headline booking, if that makes sense).

Fair enough but evidently EOTR didn’t think they’re big enough to be a full headliner. Don’t think much has changed since then to mean they are now big enough.

It was more agreeing with you tbh. Didn’t feel like a headliner set or even band, and like you said, nothings changed since 2019

Semi-confirmation of no Pavement for EOTR

im sure they’ll have organised some walkways regardless


I’m very excited!

In my head, and based on pretty much nothing, Big Thief are just nailed on. That would be lovely.

I see Angel Olsen is playing APE too and like Big Thief, was also an original 2020 headliner. Not sure if her stock has fallen a bit since then? Would it be a bit crap to still be rebooking headliners from that 2020 lineup? I’m would be a bit disappointed tbh.

Young Fathers would be brilliant, and would love to see them take a punt. On the Monday morning in 2021 I spoke to one of the directors in the queue for a coffee and he basically said he regretted the fact that they didn’t have Little Simz headline because it would’ve been a statement/maybe their only opportunity to. Young Fathers would be different and good!

I have no idea what their scope is for headliners after two pandemic affected festivals now, and also, I’m not really sure personally if I grasp how big artists are. Big Thief, Angel Olsen and Young Fathers would seems fairly small to me? Sufjan, Joanna Newson, St. Vincent, Father John Misty and even Pixies felt like fairly huge bookings.

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I think that would seem about par for headliner size for EOTR tbh.

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Young Fathers definitely on the small side. EOTR might come out with a Sufjan/Vampire Weekend level shock but I’m not expecting it.

Line up announcement on the 31st


Two nights isn’t a residency imho