End of the Road 2024

Line up should be out this month.

Any predictions/wishlists? I reckon Big Thief and Slowdive will headline.

Would love to see any of the below as headliners…

Young Fathers
Hey Colossus (for one of the late night noisy sets in the tipi like Part Chimp did last year)
The Breeders
Yo La Tengo

Writing these down pretty much guarantee none of them will happen though.

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PJ Harvey?

Think she’s unlikely but there’s an outside chance.

Worth remembering that in the 2023 programme, the organiser stated that he has booked one of the acts that was on his wishlist when he first started EOTR. Think the most likely candidates are Mercury Rev, Sleater Kinney or maybe Beck.

He’s wanted Bonnie Prince Billy for a long time too and posted a photo of the two of them together on his Instagram recently.

No indication she’s touring but would personally really like Sharon Van Etten. Would like Julia Holter back too.

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Doesn’t PJ Harvey fit the bill as someone who he might have wanted from when he first started EOTR as well? Not saying that alone makes her a lock or anything, made me think it was a possibility though. On the other hand Big Thief seem like certs and I can’t see them getting them and PJ from the PJ Harvey London gig the week before cos that would presumably knock ticket sales for that a lot. I think there was something about the headliner since the “seeds of the festival were placed” or something, which got people talking about Nick Cave, who’s surely way too big to do it now but it could be a crypticish hint at PJ Harvey? Idk, maybe not.

Was gonna say that it seems too soon for Slowdive to headline again, but after checking it was as far back as 2017 they headlined, so maybe they could be long enough for a return especially as they’re probably bigger now. Haven’t had a repeat headliner since then though, so depends how committed they are to that. Young Fathers would have been great last year and would still smash it, would feel a bit like everyone’s had the chance to see them a few times on this cycle by Sept 24 though. Sleater-Kinney would be ace, dunno how feasible big American headliners are for EOTR these days though. Think Idles will be one of the headliners tbh, they haven’t played since they blew up, they like giving bands a push up to headliner status and they’ve played GM more recently, although not as headliners.

Tbh after the first announcement I thought the lineup was dreadful last year, especially the headliners, and I still had an absolutely amazing time. Kind of up for the more adventurous and experimental lineup they’ve gone for in recent years and probably at the stage where me and a few mates will go irrespective of lineup, so I’m up for whoever.

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Legit heard Korn might do it


Agreed. They can keep booking rubbish headliners as long as the undercard is full of experimental stuff like last year.

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Simon has recently started following Idles on Instagram

Slowdive were all at the festival last year as well

Too big id have thought but the smile are touring around then

The Smile will be at Green Man I reckon.

Currently I’m going for Sleater Kinney - Idles - Big Thief - Slowdive.

Looks like Bonny Doon (the band who backed Waxahatchee when recording Saint Cloud) might be playing. They’re over in the UK playing Manchester Psych festival on the 31st of August and that’s it currently. Seems like a shoe in! (they’re also great which helps)

Unsure theyre big enough to bag all 4 but it would be grand
Can see it being 2 of the 4

I’m putting bets on Big Thief - Idles - ANHONI - Young Fathers. I think ANHONI might fit that ‘always wanted to get but never did’: new album out, was featured in EOTR’s best albums of 2023 post, and is about the right size. Guess we only have a week to wait!

Lankum have just announced some September dates and have got a big slot at Latitude so could be headlining this.

EOTR Simon has recently started following Fat White Family on Instagram.

Lankum played Green Man last year and they have a big enough profile now that a headline on either Woods or Garden wouldn’t feel out of place. Suspect Woods but hoping Garden.

Really hope they play as their tour dates never work out right for me and I haven’t got to see them yet, despite False Lankum being my AOTY.

Lankum is one of those really annoying ones where they’re completely perfect for EOTR, specifically for the Garden that they’re maybe too big for now, but headlining Woods would feel a bit weird.

Looks like Bill Ryder Jones is playing



Next week?