End Of The Road Festival 2021

Anyone going? Anyone heard any lineup rumours / announcement dates?

Wife and I are going with the kid who will be two, sort of hoping for mediocre headliners but strong undercard so we can have good days and early nights. Also hoping for Aardman to be in the kids bit again so I can become a stop motion animation director or something.


Yeah I’ll be there again! Haven’t heard any solid rumours yet but I’m sure it’ll be another stellar line up.

You rarely get any rumours for this festival. Anything you hear before the line up drops is 100% pure speculation.

Aardman seem to be there every year now, at least they were the last 2 years.

Yep, I’ll be there for the 13th (??) year on the bounce.

Line-up announcements have been the first week of Feb for the past few years, so I wouldn’t expect it to break too far from tradition there. Normally a week after the Green Man announcement, so that normally rules out a few predictions.

Got no idea what to expect for headliners after last year’s surprises, but it’ll be banging regardless.

No idea what to expect headliner-wise, always seems to be at least 2 or 3 of them that come from the blue (especially as based on last year their budget for headliners seems like it might have been been reduced slightly)

Suspect Angel Olsen must be a lock-in for either this or GM, feels like she’s maybe a bit more likely for EotR. Wondered whether Beirut would be back, but they’ve not got anything scheduled at all for this year.

Tbh, excited to see the lineup but I was absolutely crushed with disappointment when last year’s got announced and ended up having my favourite year yet, so I won’t let it affect my mood too much.

They had some more electronic stuff on last year so I’m hoping for more of the same: stuff like Forest Swords, James Holden, Andy Stott, Actress, etc etc.


Yep, feel this way too.

Yeah leaving the Big Top open longer was a good move

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Announced my retirement from festivals after selling my ticket before the festival last year. Which means the line up this year will be insane.

The missus has decided to take a year off unless the line-up is too good for her to miss. Judging by the fact that she pretty much listens to Encore Radio exclusively these days, I suspect she won’t be joining me. Definitely got two mates who have booked, one other who will as soon as he’s got some cash. The rest are a bit unknown due to it overlapping with the first week back at school this year.

Boys II Men are a lock.

A rendition of Boys II Men from an act is one of the regulars on my group’s EOTR bingo card. Also features:

“This is our last show of the tour, it’s the end of the road for us.”
Mentioning Big Jeff
“What a beautiful festival”
Reading out a letter they received from the festival post.


Can’t go due to new baby. The line-up is going to be a ripper. Bright Eyes and Angel Olsen and me in South London crying.

First announcement next Tuesday.

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Really? Where have you read that? Excellent news!

Never mind, just seen the Tweet

So Angel for EOTR or GM, not long til we find out…

Got a wedding over GM weekend so if the lineup’s to my tastes I’d like to come back to this, enjoyed it a lot when I came for Feist the other year. Would like to see some things like Grimes, Ezra Furman, Alvvays, Caroline Polachek, Holly Herndon, Moses Sumney, Owen Pallett, Anna Meredith popping up. Does it get any jazz stuff? I don’t think there was any when I went but it definitely felt like some would go down well there.

Is there like a loners group camp on this board? Don’t know if anybody would really want to come with me and tbh it’s nice being able to just do what you want all day without worrying about whether whoever you’ve bought with you is having a good time.

If you go with children check the school term
dates. One of mine starts the week before eotr, already bought our early birds so need to work out how we are going to deal with that. P