End Of The Road Festival 2021

There was quite a lot of jazz this year.

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One of the reasons we haven’t been, that crossover with the school term.

First time it’s been an issue for us.

Yup next Tuesday
:seedling: The wait is nearly over. We’re delighted to be able to tell you that our first line up announcement for #EOTR2020 is coming next Tuesday, 21st January!

Any of FKA Twigs, Angel Olsen or David Byrne as Woods headliners would make me very happy. Hoping for some strong Garden headliners again too.


We’re thinking of making this our first ever EOTR after three previous years at Green Man. Looking forward to the announcement next week.

Lineup’s definitely got more diverse the last year or two - difficult to predict but apart from Grimes all of those names individually could be there. And there was a lot more jazz there, which was good.

Not sure I’ve ever seen a loners group on here, but it could happen I guess. There’s a facebook group called “EOTR Happy Campers” (I think) which is a load of people who camp together/invite new people or people on their own. No idea what they’re like, but could be an option.

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Would you mind sharing a copy? I would enjoy this


The other clues are on FB and Insta

For those who don’t want to do it themselves: Twitter is Waterloo Bridge…most guesses are for Ray Davies. Instagram is Central Criminal Court…I guess Big Thief? “Bad Seeds” at an ambitious push…surely not Parquet Courts as they were last year. FB is some random road/roundabout in Ealing…though for some that means Ryley Walker?

I enjoy this as much as the lineup itself

Someone elsewhere on this forum has heard that Big Thief, Pixies and Bright Eyes are headlining

EOTR has been pushing for equal representation on the top of their bill. I’d be surprised if 3 predominantly male bands top the bill.

I agree, one of those three could be the Thursday headliner perhaps?

I dunno. The voice and face of Big Thief is a woman.
If they have a female headliner on Thursday, it would feel quite balanced.


I keep on forgetting that Thursday headliner is often among the if not THE biggest act of the weekend these days!

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Wondering if the Waterloo Bridge clue is not that cryptic and we’re looking at Phoebe Bridgers playing? I can’t see it being Ray Davies.


Screenshot 2020-01-20 at 07.20.27

Bright Eyes confirmed!


That’s a great scoop for EotR.


So if @Shoebox1976uk is right…are we also getting Better Oblivion Community Centre? This is, potentially, shaping up nicely.

I’ve got a feeling it’ll be a good year this time, since last year was a bit low key. It’s the 15th anniversary, plus the announcement is quite early this year

Wonder if the Saddle Creek connection will mean we get Big Thief too…

it was?

Well, Big Thief were one of the rumoured headliners before we even got a Central Criminal Court clue, which ties in.

TBF, I am really clutching at straws with Phoebe Bridgers suggestion, but it would tie things together with the confirmation of Bright Eyes.

I am very excited!

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