End Of The Road Festival 2021

A bit of a shame, although completely understandable. Fortunately most of the stuff on the undercard that I was really excited about is UK based, so aside from the big names I haven’t lost too much from there.

Do feel a bit gutted for the organisers that it was a year with such a strong lineup that this has all happened during

Yeah. Julianna Barwick, Big Thief, Perfume Genius and Aldous Harding were all acts I wanted to see but apart from that I don’t mind too much. The hunt for a ticket remains!

The ticket price is pushing it without those big US acts isn’t it?

They’ll no doubt bring in some similarly sized UK acts (please not IDLES) but yeah you’re right. That being said I’m sure personally it’d still be worth the money.

I thought Aldous Harding was based in the UK? Maybe she made it back to NZ just in time.

Yeah Wales I think. Maybe she found out the dumpling stand wasn’t there in 2019 and so pulled out.


Eh dunno if it is tbh. Nice location. Bring your own booze policy. Compared to the one dayers charging close to 100pounds its good value in the circumstances and will be good value to other vacation options this year

The byob policy alone makes it far better value than most festivals in general

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After the past 15 months or so I think a weekend in a nice park with nice people and nice food is worth it for me. Whatever music makes it there is a bonus

wonder why they haven’t removed them completely, and whether there is still hope, maybe it is like a we can’t guarantee they will be playing but if things go well they might

Probably just mid way through updating the website.

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Yeah, suspect we will see a few UK based headliners slotted in there. Could see Mogwai drafted in, and maybe Hot Chip and/or New Order, ahead of their Heaton Park gig?

I’d take anyone but IDLES. Mogwai strike me as a good Thursday headliner in place of Perfume Genius.

Edit: Could well get put as a proper headliner though if options are limited.

One out of three (Hot Chip)

Also they are putting more tickets on sale on 20th May


Gutted thst Bright Eyes tour is off

Ahh ofc. My birthday…

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Quite pleased with that tbh, Hot Chip are a guaranteed good time and Jonny Greenwood is a surprise.

Strange that they have removed Creep Show but added John Grant?

Green Man returned tickets on sale tomorrow, EOTR in two weeks.

Really wish they’d both left that until it’s clearer if they can actually happen.

Well done that is a good substitute line up


Bit disappointing compared to what it was before if we’re being honest, but in the circumstances that’s completely understandable and will still be a lot of fun if it does go ahead. Sleaford Mods is a shiiiiite choice of headliner, mind. Hope there’s someone good on the Garden against them.