End of the Road Festival 2022

It seems that the first announcement is just around the corner! Anyone have any predictions or acts they hope will play?

Be interesting to see whether they get any of the others back who were supposed to be doing 2020 back, in addition to Pixies. Think I saw a while back Bright Eyes were pretty likely, can see Big Thief doing it again and Aldous Harding is over for APE the week before so could see her sticking around. Feel like Angel Olsen is unlikely, dunno why.

There’s also normally someone they bump up to headline who hasn’t headlined anywhere before (who Green Man then book the following year) but struggling for inspiration on who that could be.

I think Bright Eyes self confirmed for 2022.

Angel Olsen’s US tour with SVE ends just over a week before EOTR!

My fear is that it’ll be IDLES

So excited! 2021 was one of my fav festivals of all time, so hoping 2022 is just as good.

Only obvious shoe in I think is The Weather Station - She’s announced a show at Union Chapel on September the 6th, can only presume that’s going to be a follow on from EotR. Otherwise hoping that Big Thief make an appearance following their 2020 cancellation, and going to take a guess that Phoebe Bridgers may headline (at least the Garden Stage).

Reckon with Phoebe it’s headline the whole thing or nothing at all. She’s very popular these days.


Came to the same conclusion just after posting actually! Haven’t played EOTR since they properly broke through so unless GM go for them again I reckon they’re a lock-in. Guess Angel Olsen’s tour finishing the week before makes her a possibility, I think it’ll be a bit tight though.

Reckon they might try and get Self Esteem for a pretty big slot too, sub-headliner maybe.

My hope is that either GM have got IDLES or EOTR have just decided against them now that the hype around them has dropped a bit. Part of me would quite surprised to see them and Pixies headline, would mean the other headliner would most likely not be male nor a rock band.

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Perfume Genius still hasn’t been able to tour his most recent album in Europe. Hopefully he’s back to headline the Thursday.

They couldn’t pull of a big surprise à la Sufjan could they? Someone like David Byrne

Pretty sure I read that they’d managed to secure loads that were originally booked for the 2020 bill and with Perfume Genius being at APE, I’d be surprised if he’s not at EOTR. Hope so, he was fantastic in the rain that year it properly pissed it down.

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Perfume Genius into Bill Callahan was stunning.

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It truly was.

Someone’s pointed out in the comments that the poster is 100% a reference to Wet Leg.

Aren’t they pretty much going to play everywhere this summer? There are always a handful of bands that play every festival over a summer. It seems like their time

Probably, although they’re probably also gonna be big enough that they’ll only do one of EotR or GM and it’ll be a bit of a coup for whoever gets them

Think I’m already a bit bored of hearing about Wet Leg and they’ve only been around for about 3 months.


GM had them last year

I know, but they’re gonna be a much bigger draw/get this year compared to last year when they were just breaking through

Line up coming out on the 25th!


Anyone heard any rumours or whispers before tomorrow’s announcement?